We have developed and copyrighted  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts

that are truly a major breakthrough  in natural healthcare management concepts.

Life-changing concepts for all clients and life-saving concepts for many clients.

We Specialize in Providing Very Important and Very Valuable

Alternative Health  Natural Healthcare Concepts Education  Services.

We can help our clients learn how to be healthier and have more energy, vitality,

and better brain power (better memory, learning ability, and better emotions).

They can learn how to more productive and more successful and enjoy more

happiness, contentment, and satisfaction with their lifetime of activities.

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We are currently developing remarkable  Advanced 

Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education  Programs
that will explain many of the 50+ copyrighted healthcare trade secrets
developed for
ABC of Health by our corporate president, Lonnie Willoughby.

We will present a review down below of some healthcare benefits
that our
Deluxe program will provide for our "qualified education clients."

healthcare benefits that will be reviewed spotlight some of the very important
and very valuable
natural healthcare subjects that we can educate our clients about.

Reading through these benefits can be enlightening for all visitors to this Website
because they can learn about
natural healthcare issues that can be life-changing

Before we begin our review, let's consider some background information that is important.

Corporate president Lonnie Willoughby (Lon) Has Learned That

People Do Not Know What They Do Not Know About Human Health

     Most people have no idea how many things they do each day that are actually harmful to their health in some way.  As you may know, most people want to think that they know how to take good care of their body and their mind (mental abilities, attitudes, human emotions, etc.) 

     Lon's extensive natural healthcare service experiences with more than a thousand people found that most people do not know very much about taking good care of their body and their mind.  He found that people like to think that they know what they do not know.  (They do not know some very important natural healthcare concepts well enough to be reasonably competent with these  natural healthcare concepts in their daily life.)

     Modern day science has enabled us to learn a lot more about the complexities of the amazing

human body than has ever been known before by any generation of people.  It is absolutely mind-boggling how complex the human body systems are, and the more we learn about these systems, the more competent we can become in managing our natural healthcare assets in easy and practical, responsible, and sensible ways that can be very beneficial to our health.

     The big problem for everyone in this regard is this:  it takes years of complex studies to learn

about the main  natural healthcare subjects that we really need to know more about, and most people cannot afford to devote years to these studies.  Furthermore, most people do not have the science education, and the essential innate technical abilities, and the critical thinking skills, that would be needed for them to discover and study and evaluate many  healthcare research reports  that have been published by many talented scientifically-minded  health researchers during  the past hundred or more years.  (Bacteria were not discovered until the 1860's)

     One would also need to discover, study, and evaluate many natural healthcare concepts and protocols that have been developed by many skilled natural healthcare practitioners.  As you can see, it is a very complex research project  to learn how to optimize human health potential using natural health concepts. 

     Many people and many research projects, procedures, and protocols are relevant to this type of natural healthcare evaluation project.  It is very difficult to put the major pieces of this complex human healthcare puzzle together in a practical usable way. 

     Even for the very few people who may have developed the right set of scientific and technical assets, capabilities, and talents, it is unlikely that they would be sufficiently motivated to spend many years of their life (without any pay or visible rewards) in trying to achieve an elusive healthcare improvement objective.

    Some of those gifted people did choose to devote many years and thousands of hours of diligent complex study and research in the hope of learning how to achieve an enlightened level of natural healthcare knowledge and understanding.   Many successful research projects were completed during the past 200 or more years that contributed to our current day understanding about many very important  relevant healthcare related scientific issues

     Lon Willoughby realized that someone needed to study the major healthcare issues carefully and competently, and put the major pieces of the complex natural healthcare puzzle together into a practical and usable form of education that could then be used to help educate American citizens about very important  natural healthcare concepts.

     Over the years, Lon eventually came to believe that he and Janie (wife), working together as an educational team, could develop a badly needed  natural healthcare education program that would be suitable for open-minded American citizens - an educational program that could enable selected citizens to understand how they can nurture their natural healthcare assets much more effectively than has ever been done by any generation of Americans.

   Fortunately for a lot of natural-born American citizens, our corporate president, Lon Willoughby, has been involved in this very complex search for important  natural healthcare knowledge during 40+ years of his exciting and productive 81 years lifespan.  He has diligently acquired a lot of complex healthcare knowledge about many very important and very valuable  natural healthcare issues.  

     Lon accomplished those tedious natural healthcare studies, and discoveries, and the difficult and complex evaluation work that was necessary for our company to progress to the cutting edge of natural healthcare concepts education capability.  He was determined to achieve this goal, and his wife Janie strongly supported him in many important ways while he was working long hours on this natural healthcare improvement project for many years.

     Lon and Janie understood that millions of Americans were suffering from many types of health conditions, and they realized that millions of American citizens would likely die from some of those very serious health conditions.  

     Over the years, Lon had come to believe that millions of suffering Americans could be helped a lot if someone would develop a comprehensive natural healthcare concepts education program that could be used to educate ordinary people (and extraordinary people) about how they can take much better care of their natural healthcare assets.

     Lon realized that he probably had sufficient technical science education, and had developed sufficient technical abilities to enable him to help make substantial progress with these very important  natural healthcare evaluation duties and responsibilities

     Fortunately, Lon and Janie, working together as a competent educator team, were eventually very successful in their ambitious objectives to develop this major  natural healthcare education project and make a lot of progress with it.

     Their overall goals and objectives are now in sight with their ongoing development of several natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs that will be a major breakthrough in natural healthcare management and protection concepts.  This project has the potential to help millions of "qualified" natural-born American citizens.

      Lon and Janie are both skilled and dedicated educators.  Lon has developed the ability to explain complex natural healthcare issues in easy to understand health concepts, as shown in the important review below.

Let's take a look at some natural healthcare issues that Lon says people needs to understand.

An Easy Review Of Some Very Important  Natural Healthcare Concepts

Everyone needs to know how to identify the
four major types of food and also learn about
different types of enzymes that are essential for proper digestion of the four types of food.

With this very important and valuable natural healthcare knowledge, and other important
natural healthcare concepts that will be discussed below, "qualified clients" can learn how
to greatly improve their
digestion of food and also improve the elimination of food residue.

Basic Nutrition Information

Our "
qualified clients" will learn how  to make remarkable improvements in their lifestyle.

They will learn
vital features of Enzymes, Herbs, Hormones, Minerals (major, minor, trace),
Nutraceuticals, Probiotics, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, and also some very special Vitamins.

Learn how to
improve energy, vitality, and stamina - feel better and enjoy life much more.
Learn how special nutrition can improve
brain functions - better memory, recall, learning ability

 Use nutrition to
increase productivity and enjoy more success with everything they do.

Important  Diet  Considerations

Use special nutrition supplements to quickly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression naturally.
Learn how to manage
blood glucose levels much more effectively - very important healthcare
skills for everyone daily but especially important for
diabetics, hypoglycemics, and also for
our clients who want to have more success with their
weight loss and management actions.

diet are you using in your lifestyle right now?  It is important to realize that everyone
has a diet program of some sort
.  It may be very casual and not organized to achieve a specific
goal but
it is still a diet programIt is whatever is consumed daily (food and beverages). Many
people tend to follow the
same type of diet that their parents provided for them as children.

Some people use one of the popular
diet books (there are many good diet books) as their guide
to having
a well-organized diet to help them achieve certain defined goals (usually weight loss).

All adults and teenagers need to learn
important diet concepts that can affect their life a lot.

How much protein do you need to consume daily?  Is too much protein harmful to the body?

Which proteins are better for you, animal based proteins or plant based proteins?  Why?

They need to understand Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load concepts that affect them daily.

What quality of carbohydrates should we eat, and how much should we consume daily?  Is it harmful to the body for people to eat too much carbohydrate type foods?  What will likely happen to the typical body when one eats too much carbohydrate foods in their daily diet?

People also need to understand important MetabolicTyping Diet Concepts that affect their life daily, even though they may not be aware of these vital factorsMetabolically - should a person be a meat eater, or should they become a vegetarian, or maybe a vegan?  This situation varies with each individual based upon several metabolic factors.  Our "qualified clients" will learn about these very important natural healthcare concepts, and adjust their lifestyle accordingly.

Learn about
very important Food Combining Concepts that affect the digestion of food at every meal.  Digestion of food:  does it really matter how different types of foods are placed in the stomach?  Does the amount of liquids consumed with meals (and their temperatures) matter much in the digestion of food?  Why are fruits and vegetables good for humans?  How can we easily optimize health-giving benefits of the fruits and vegetables that we eat during the day?

very important facts about the oils in the diet - which oils are good for you and which oils are likely bad?  What are the best oils to use for cooking and which oils should you avoid using

in your diet?  Is coconut oil a good oil for the human body or is the high level of saturated fat harmful to the human body?  The American medical profession has strongly discouraged using coconut oil for many years.  Our clients learn the truth about how coconut oil affects humans.

What about canola oil, corn oil, cotton seed oil, macadamia nut oil, olive oil, safflower oil, soy bean oil, etc.?  Can using the wrong oils in the human diet contribute to multiple  serious health problems?  When we eat fried foods in restaurants, fast food outlets, etc., what type of oil was used?  How many times has the oil been used (cooked again and again and again and again)?  Has that deep fat cooking oil been damaged to the point that even good oil would be bad oil? 

How important are Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 type oils?  Should we try to keep them in good balance in our diet?  Why are fish oil concentrates and DHA and EPA an important consideration for us?  Do they affect our potential for reducing cardiovascular diseases?

Compare the
Low Fat,  Moderate Protein, High Carb Diet with the High Fat, High Protein, Low Carb Diet.  Learn about the major distinctions in multiple diet programs.  Which diets make the most sense?  Some diets seem to be better for most people than others - why are they better? 

Lon Willoughby has studied the major diet programs - learn which diets he likes the most. 

Other Important Natural Healthcare Considerations

Learn how to improve the
pH balance of body fluids - very important healthcare actions!

Also learn about
water filtration & purification for drinking water, bath tubs, and also showers.

Learn about air filtration & purification actions that are important for homes and offices.

Learn how to reduce and minimize the potential for
serious health problems, sickness, and diseases. Our clients can learn how to reduce and minimize their potential for having to cope with heart attacks, strokes, and most forms of cancer (these diseases affects most Americans).

Learn how to
slow down the aging process and live a healthier and potentially longer life!

+ + + + +

The issues shown above are some of the very important and valuable natural healthcare benefits that Lon has studied and knows how to use properly.   We can help our "qualified clients" learn about these very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts when they lease one of our remarkable copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs. (May be the most important  health action they can take!)

Is all of this complicated and difficult?  Yes it is, but Lon Willoughby knows how to simplify
the complexities into
a logical systematic learning process that is easy, interesting, and fun
for reasonably intelligent people.  Even not-so-intelligent people can
learn the main concepts in
a practical, sensible, and useful way to begin enjoying a lifetime of
vital  healthcare benefits.

We teach our copyrighted proprietary natural healthcare education concepts (our corporate trade secrets) in ways that make learning about better healthcare an exciting project for all.

We are developing education  programs for different groups of "qualifiable citizens."  If you have an interest in learning more about our programs, contact us and let us know that.

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Advanced Health and Fitness Education

Final Phase of Health Care Concepts Education 

Health and Wellness Education Services

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The Healthcare Deck is Stacked Against Americans Badly 

     We understand that the healthcare deck is stacked against you badly, as it is for millions of Americans, due to the huge financial interests of the drug companies (BIG PHARMA), most of the medical profession, most of the medical insurance companies, and some of the major food processing companies. 

     There are lots of junk food products and junk beverages available in the marketplace.  Many millions of Americans buy those products without realizing they should not consume them. 

     The medical profession, and BIG PHARMA, and the food processing companies do a lot of good things, and they also do some things that can be very harmful to millions of people in America.  These industries may not be all good, but we do not think that any of them are all bad.  They are doing what makes money for them; the consumers' preferences are strong motivating factors.

     However, it is very important to always remember (every day) that poor health and sickness and disease are very BIG BUSINESS in America.   Billions of dollars are involved with these "poor health conditions" each year in America.  In fact, modern day healthcare costs are bankrupting many families in America (this is a major cause of bankruptcy of individuals). 

     Some big companies have been bankrupted in large part by excessive medical cost for their employees (think about Chrysler Corp. and General Motors - years ago).  Medical costs have already bankrupted some counties and some states in America, and massive "healthcare costs" are already bankrupting our federal government. (This situation is considerably worse than before due to the "Obama Care" government healthcare program - the Affordable Care Act).

     After many years of work in the alternative health  natural healthcare field, Lon is convinced that the most practical and sensible solution to the massive healthcare ignorance that is so widespread in America is a natural healthcare concepts home-study education program (covering major healthcare issues similar to the way we will discuss them in the  Advanced    Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that we are currently developing). 

     Lon Willoughby saw the need, several years ago, for someone to develop a practical and sensible way to help educate responsible American families about how they can learn to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets.

     We have very good reasons for believing that Lon Willoughby and his wife Janie are developing the most beneficial and most effective
 Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that has ever been developed for ordinary American citizens.

      ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as ABC of Health, owns more than 50 copyrights that will be used in our natural healthcare concepts home-study education program - so it is not likely that someone else will attempt to offer a similar natural healthcare concepts home-study education program. 

     Our copyrights will control the ownership of these special  advanced  natural healthcare concepts for at least 70  years. That situation makes it illegal for any other entity to offer an education program that will be very similar to our  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.

     Medical Doctors and Nurses:  Lon Willoughby understands that the healthcare deck is also stacked against many dedicated medical doctors and nurses in America because the technical training that they received did not educate them adequately about the  alternative health  natural holistic way of evaluating and treating sickness and disease conditions whenever this would be appropriate (most of the time). 

     Lon Willoughby understands that most conventionally trained  medical doctors and nurses have been successfully brainwashed to believe that the alternative health  natural healthcare holistic way of evaluating and treating healthcare conditions is not the best way, or even a good way, to achieve very good healthcare improvement results. 

     Unfortunately, most medical doctors and nurses do not understand that they have not been trained adequately in this very important alternative health  natural healthcare way of looking at healthcare problem conditions. They usually do not know how to use these natural healthcare concepts to responsibly and sensibly evaluate most healthcare problem conditions.

     Lon's experiences with medical doctors and nurses, over a period of many years, found that they apparently had been educated to hold erroneous beliefs and opinions about the more natural alternative health and "complementary health" holistic methods of diagnosing, evaluating, treating, and correcting many healthcare problems.  They seem to believe that this is not an effective, practical, and sensible "complementary healthcare system."   Consequently, it is not a very important component of their conventional standard of care medical practices

     Lon Willoughby's extensive  natural healthcare experienceshave proven many time that the alternative health  natural holistic healthcare method is usually the better method for trying to improve healthcare for people who do not have a life-threatening health condition.  Even in those conditions, the natural holistic healthcare method of therapy can be very important as a "complementary health" supplement to the medical practice's standard of care actions.

     It is clear that conventional medical healthcare practices (standard of care) provide a lot of direct benefit to the pharmaceutical drug industry.  Is that situation purely accidental or was it very cleverly planned to work this way - many years ago?  Is it systematically maintained today?

Lon Willoughby's Confusing and Frustrating Health Problems

     Lon had some serious healthcare problems back in the 1960's - 1970's and in the 1980's.  His experiences with a series of conventionally trained medical doctors over a period of more than 10 years was very disappointing. 

     The series of medical doctors did not understand his health problems and they could not diagnose his symptoms.  They also failed to refer him to some other healthcare practitioner who might be able to help him.  They also failed to suggest any healthcare type books or other educational materials that might be helpful to him.  In other words, if they did not have a drug that they could prescribe, they did not know what to do about his mysterious symptoms.

     With his current healthcare knowledge, Lon now understands that the medical doctors did not know how to help him with a rather common healthcare problem that affects many millions of Americans.  Lon asks "how could they not know this with all of their complex education?"

     Looking back at that situation, it is clear that none of the doctors understood how glucose regulation in the blood works; they did not understand how the glucose level affect emotions and can cause sleepiness at times for no apparent reason (low blood sugar conditions - hypoglycemia).  None of the medical doctors recognized what Lon's symptoms indicated.

     Lon finally gave up on getting any help from conventionally trained medical doctors.  In July 1980, he tried the  alternative health  natural method of healthcare by consulting with an alternative health  natural healthcare consultant  who was also a nutrition consultant and a healthy lifestyle coachWow!  What a difference that made quickly for Lon. 

     He found the natural healthcare holistic approach worked much better for him - within just a few weeks compared to the very discouraging and frustrating 10+ years that he consulted with medical doctors - with no helpful results at all. 

     Lon has had a number of experiences with other people that had also used 
alternative health  natural healthcare concepts and enjoyed remarkable healthcare successes.  Consequently, with many years of natural healthcare experiences, Lon is firmly convinced that the alternative health  natural holistic method of healthcare  is the most responsible, sensible, and most competent method of evaluation and therapy for many healthcare problem conditions. 

     Lon is convinced that the conventional medical doctor system's  self-serving brain-washed attitudes are wrong about alternative health  and "complementary health"  holistic type healthcare services (They work very well for many healthcare problem conditions, and Lon has good reasons to believe that they will work very well with most healthcare conditions.)

     Statistics show that the general public has been learning about these situations in recent years.  Consider the statistics showing that millions of Americans have already moved away from
pharmaceutical drug-pushing medical doctors and are going to the alternative health  holistic-minded types of healthcare practitioners(natural healthcare and nutrition consultants

     Lon Willoughby still has a lot of respect for medical doctors and medical system nurses because he understands that they generally are very good people who sincerely want to help sick people cope effectively with many types of complex healthcare conditions.  Lon also understands that they have completed very difficult complex academic training that can be very helpful for some healthcare conditions - especially very serious emergency situations.   

     Because Lon has worked in a "complementary health"  related healthcare field for many years, he understands, better than most  Americans, how complex, and challenging, and difficult the work of medical doctors and medical nurses can be at times - especially with emergency care. 

     Lon has learned over the years that many doctors and nurses have apparently been taught to conduct most of their medical healthcare work in ways that are clearly very beneficial to the pharmaceutical drug companies. 

     Based upon Lon's many years of  healthcare related experiences with many people, he is convinced that the medical system's practices are frequently not in the patient's best interest for getting the best results, with reasonable costs, and with minimized harmful side-effects. 

     That situation was certainly true for Lon's Willoughby's personal healthcare problems with hypoglycemia back in the 1960's and 1970's.   Lon did not know that he had hypoglycemia for a number of years (he had never heard of that condition).  The series of medical doctors that he consulted with over the years did not understand how to diagnose his prominent health problem symptoms.  They seemed to have no idea what problem his symptoms indicated.

     The alternative natural holistic healthcare program that Lon tried in 1980 worked much better for his health condition, even though the  alternative healthcare consultant did not understand Lon's health problem either.  Like the medical doctors, she did not know about hypoglycemia.

     She focused on helping Lon get healthier and those very sensible actions did help his health problem gradually improve over time.  She also recommended several books for Lon to read (about natural healthcare concepts), and those books were very helpful to him in learning how to take more control over his health and also helped him develop a much healthier lifestyle.

     Very Important Note about Brainwashing:  When Lon was an instructor in the United States Air Force  (USAF - 1956 and 1957), he taught classes on numerous subjects to USAF basic trainees.  One of those classes was titled Brainwashing - How to Recognize It and Overcome It.  That special military training, repeated several times as Airman Willoughby  taught this class, enabled  Lon to quickly see and understand that medical doctors and nurses have been subtly brainwashed without them knowing that this was taking place during some of their college-level medical school or nursing school education.

     Lon also realizes that it is likely that even the course instructors for doctors or nurses do not understand that they were helping brainwash their students with some of the course material that was likely  influenced (very cleverly) by some of the big pharmaceutical companies.  This  influence is allowed due to the generous grant money that said companies provide to medical schools.  No sensible college wants to bite the hand that feeds it, including medical schools.

     Otherwise, how can we possibly explain why most conventionally trained medical school graduates are strongly inclined to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs for so many healthcare conditions, without even seriously considering recommending non-drug type nutrition supplements and natural healthcare protocols that are readily available? 

     It is clear that the  alternative  natural healthcare methods are usually effective at much lower cost for many situations, and they have also proven over time to be much safer to use for many patients than using pharmaceutical drug type therapy.

     Lon's work in his health and wellness store (14+ years) repeatedly encountered customers who were being treated by one or more
conventionally trained medical doctors.  Most of those customers were taking multiple pharmaceutical drugs for situations that could have been treated better and more effectively and at much lower cost with non-drug type remedies that Lon was familiar with - nutrition supplement products that we routinely stocked in our health and wellness facility. 

     It was quite common for Lon Willoughby to encounter "medical doctor patients" that had been prescribed 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 or 10 drugs (and sometimes 12, 14, or even more drugs). 

     Unfortunately, In most of those situations, the medical doctors had not recommended any natural nutrition supplement products for the patients. However, in more recent years, Lon has encountered some medical doctor patients that had been prescribed some nutrition supplement products - usually vitamin B12, or vitamin D2 or vitamin D3, and occasionally a low quality and low potency vitamin and mineral combination product or a low quality calcium product (crushed up rock type calcium - limestone chalk).

One Classic Medical Doctor Situation

      Lon personally evaluated one situation in some detail with the wife of a customer (who was also a personal friend), where the female "patient" had been prescribed 14 pharmaceutical drugs by the same female medical doctor.  

     This customer's wife had refused for years to take any natural health products  from our health and wellness store even though her husband routinely used several natural nutrition products  that he purchased monthly from our store during those years.

     She would not use any of our potentially beneficial health store healthcare products, but she had allowed her female medical doctor to prescribe 14 potentially toxic pharmaceutical drugs.  Lon actually reviewed the bottle labels for each one of those 14 prescribed drugs.

     Think for a moment about the very complex chemical actions and reactions that those potentially toxic drug substances could have been causing in that lady's body. 
She felt really bad all the time, day and night;  she felt like she was shaking in most of her body and she was absolutely miserable at all times and had a lot of trouble getting enough sleep.  She could not get to a point of feeling normal at any time of day or night.

     How much of her "
very bad health and very uncomfortable condition" was being caused by the drug actions and reactions in her body?  No person in America can provide a reasonable, responsible, and sensible answer to that question because it is impossible to know the answer to these very complex drug actions and reactions in this woman's body from so many drugs. (patient - age 77)   Was this clearly a case of medical malpractice to an extreme degree?   Lon certainly thought so.

     Were there any vital nutrients in those 14 pharmaceutical drugs that were capable of helping this woman's body develop trillions of healthier body cells each day?  There would have been if she had been taking only quality nutrition supplement products that Lon could have offered her in our health and wellness nutrition store. 

     Generally, Lon could help a customer understand what natural products were available to them, and he could help the customer understand how to use selected products for optimum effect (read the label - take on an empty stomach, or take with meals, or best taken at the end of a meal, or between meals, etc.).

     In the situation related here, Lon could not help this suffering woman at all because it was much too dangerous for him to get involved in this extremely toxic situation.  She was putting numerous potentially toxic drug substances into her body daily and during each week. 

Relevant South Carolina Statutory Laws

     Lon was not a trained and licensed medical doctor drug specialist, equivalently trained to the lady patient's medical doctor.   Lon also understood that the relevant South Carolina statutory law standards prohibited him from interfering in any way with the the lady patient's medical doctor's "medical practice expertise."  SC Statutes 40-47-40 and 40-47-260

     Unfortunately, this woman had allowed her female medical doctor to
literally take control of her body with multiple pharmaceutical drugs, and Lon realized that it was illegal for him to attempt to interfere with that situation, even for the wife of a good customer and a personal friend. 

     Lon had to avoid interfering with the woman's medical doctor's professional advice.  He had to very reluctantly step aside from that really bad situation although he really wanted to try to help this suffering lady that he had known for 20+ years.   

     As the founder and president of
ABC's of Health, Inc., and owning and operating a health and wellness store, it was clear that Lon Willoughby was in business in the healthcare field.  He knew that it would be a very serious violation of the relevant state statutory law for him to tell the customer's wife that she should restrict her intake of some of those pharmaceutical drugs. 

     After all, the relevant statutory law prohibited Lon from telling a store customer that they should take an aspirin, or any other headache remedy, for a headache.  That is prescribing and no one  in business in the healthcare fields in South Carolina is allowed to prescribe for healthcare conditions except a licensed medical doctor.  SC Statutes 40-47-40 and 40-47-260

    South Carolina statutory law requires that Lon be a licensed medical doctor to prescribe any specific healthcare advice to a client about any health condition.  Because he is not a licensed medical doctor, it is illegal for Lon to attempt to diagnose any type of health condition or to prescribe any remedy for a specific health condition, even when he might know more about that  specific health problem conditions than the typical medical doctor would likely know. 

Reference: SC Statutes 40-47-40 and 40-47-260

     As you can see from this simple headache example, being in the healthcare business can be very dangerous if one is not a licensed medical doctor.  Lon
could end up financially broke (from litigation attorney fees) and also spend  many years in a South Carolina prison if he was not very careful and did not avoid  doing or saying things that could be used against him to subject him to prosecution for "practicing medicine without a license."

Educating Clients About Natural Healthcare Concepts

     However, that very old statutory law does not prevent Lon Willoughby, or our   alternative health  natural healthcare concepts education company, from being responsible educators about our  advanced natural healthcare concepts.  

     We can legally educate our clients about the special advanced  natural  healthcare concepts   that Lon Willoughby developed and copyrighted over many years at great cost.  (Cost to Lon and wife Janie - more than 1.6 million dollars) 

     In addition to that dollar cost,  Lon also spent  thousands of  hours  of complex study of many books and related research data about alternative health  natural healthcare concepts.  Lon also spent many thousands of hours with customer service work with our 1,000+ customers over a period of 14+ years in our health and wellness store.  (from 1/1/1999 to 4/24/2014 - closing date)

     We can legally educate our
"qualified education clients" about some incredibly important advanced  natural healthcare concepts  that they can easily use to improve their lifestyle dramatically and thereby improve the quality of natural healthcare actions in their own home. 

     They can achieve remarkable  natural healthcare and longevity benefits for all of their family members.  (teenagers, younger children, and even toddlers and babies can be helped a lot by their parent's greatly improved  advanced  natural healthcare concepts knowledge)

     Many honest and responsible and sensible people working in the
  alternative health  natural healthcare field, such as our ABC of Health personnel, also have the healthcare deck stacked against them badly

     The well-organized and exceptionally well-financed groups mentioned previously are very powerful financially and politically, and they do not like any kind of active competition from alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare holistic type practitioners.  

     They spend huge sums of money paying lobbyist to promote legislation that is favorable to their companies, individually and as groups of similar companies.  They particularly do not appreciate people like us distributing truthful and very helpful alternative health  natural healthcare concepts  into the hands of hard working, sensible, patriotic-minded Americans. 

      Our clients can learn some very valuable information about those situations that can affect their life in very beneficial ways for the rest of their life.  See SC Statutes 40-31-10 and 40-31-20.

Medical Profession

Patient Deaths In America 

     Did you know that hundreds of thousands of people in America die annually from the drugs and medical healthcare treatment practices that they received in the medical profession's healthcare system?   The conventional medical healthcare system in American is known to be one of the leading causes of death in America, year after year after year - for many years now. 

     That tragic healthcare situation and other tragic healthcare situations were responsibly reported in July 26, 2000 by the American Medical Association (AMA) in the Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA), Volume 284.   This revealing report acknowledged that the medical profession in America was the third leading cause of death in America

     IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Some reputable healthcare data research has shown that the American medical healthcare system is the  number one cause of death in America.  That would mean that more than 700,000 people die annually from medical system actions. That is truly frightening when you stop and think about it for a few moments - more deaths than from heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, and cancer combined!!!

     See the blockbuster book Death by Medicine  by Gary Null, PhD, revised paper back (PB) edition (c) 2011, for more info.  The book contains an award-winning movie DVD by the same name (93 minutes).  Buy it and get educated about some very important healthcare issues!!!!

Alternative Health  Profession

Patient Deaths In America

     Did you know that patient deaths are rare in the alternative health  and "complementary health" holistic healthcare field.  This is likely due to the more natural holistic type treatment practices that are used and their very safe recommended nutrition supplements for clients and patients (rather than pharmaceutical drugs).  This excellent safety factor is also due in part to the fact that most emergency healthcare situations and most serious trauma situations are usually administered through the conventional medical system. (these are high risk actions)

More Information About The

American Medical Profession

     Most adults in America probably understand that the American medical profession provides millions of important healthcare services for millions of people on an annual basis.  However, reliable statistics also show that there is considerable risk involved with many actions taken by members of the profession. 

     We truly admire and respect the many medical doctors and medical nurses who dedicate their professional skills and services to the healthcare profession, realizing that most of them do the best that they can most of the time.  However, we must always be consciously aware of the understanding that this is a dangerous profession that can be very complicated at times, and thing do sometimes go badly, in spite of their best efforts. 

     Statistics show that the medical profession in America is a high risk profession, especially in the allopathic manner in which most medical doctors normally function in America.

     We also know that many people who go into hospitals for relatively non-so-serious health conditions contract serious infections while in the hospitals and they die from infections - about 60,000 to 80,000+ deaths is considered to be their average death rate per year.  Very serious!!!  

Another Look At Your Alternative Health  Options

     Considering the substantial risks that may be involved with the American medical profession, it is wise for people to consider the alternative health and "complementary health" options available to them with every healthcare condition action that is being considered. 

     After all, it is your body and it is your life, and you can be in control and in charge of your healthcare for the rest of your life. ( As Lon Willoughby has done with his healthcare since 1980 - 36 years)   Yes, it is a reasonable responsibility that most competent adults should accept as a normal part of modern day life.

     The big question is this: How can you get better educated about taking responsible control of helping your  natural healthcare assets  on a daily basis for the rest of your life?

     It is much easier to take control of your personal healthcare actions competently, responsibly, and sensibly after a person gets educated about our incredibly  important and valuable  alternative health  type advanced  natural healthcare concepts.  

     Does it make a lot of sense to you that you should learn how to take really good care of your most valuable treasure in this life - your own personal  natural healthcare assets

     We suggest that you spend some time reviewing all of the departments of this Website, and also spend some time reviewing the various departments at our introductory Natural Healthcare Education Website:  www.ABCofHealth.com

     That Website provides very important and valuable  alternative health  natural healthcare concepts information that can help educate you and motivate you to begin taking much better care of your incredible important and valuable  natural healthcare assets.

     Then decide:  Do you want  ABC of Health  to be on your healthcare team for the years ahead?  Do you want someone like founder and president Lon Willoughby to help mentor you with this very important natural healthcare project?  (through using one of our remarkable natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs)

      Keep in mind that Lon Willoughby has already done this in his own life very successfully for more than 36 years.  Who else do you know about that can mentor you about very important and valuablenatural healthcare concepts - someone that has that kind of successful track record in this very exciting field of advanced natural healthcare concepts education work? 

     You can go on the treasure hunt for important and valuable  natural healthcare concepts that is suggested below, and after you complete your treasure hunt, you can contact ABC of Health by phone or E-mail to let us know that you may want ABC of Health to begin working with you to help you improve your health potential for the years ahead of you.

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We believe that you can find a treasure  of life-changing 

Healthcare Concepts  at our Introductory Healthcare Education Website.

ENJOY this
Treasure Hunt and change your life for the better starting today!


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