​​​Major Health Benefits List:  Visit our  Summary of Health Benefits department to review some of the major health benefits that our "qualified clients" can begin to enjoy while they are advancing through the three phases of our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.

This listing of
potential health benefits provides a very  helpful overview of what our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts  Home-study Education Program can do for our "qualified clients" and their immediate family members (spouse and dependent children living at home with the parents). 

The death rate statistics presented below will show clearly why the development of our  Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program is so important.   Americans are dying by the thousands daily due in large part to not having the remarkable healthcare benefits that our much needed natural healthcare concepts home-study education program will provide to our "qualified clients."

DEATH RATE STATISTICS:  Approximately 7,115 people die daily in America, and that typical average death rate amounts to about  49,800 people dying weekly - that amounts to about 216,000 people dying monthly

Lon understands that many of those people could have lived years longer in much better health if they had been using the advanced  natural healthcare concepts that our home-study education program will present to our "qualified clients." (currently being developed)

Note:  "qualified  client" - Our Client Qualifications  department explains why we must have very strict qualification standards - a link for that department is at the top of this department.

DEATH CAUSE # 1:  Cardiovascular conditions are the #1 major health problem in America, causing about 730,000 deaths in year 2013 (heart attacks and strokes). 

Lon's extensive study of natural healthcare research over a period of many years enabled him to learn how to diminish greatly the potential for heart attacks and strokes - using special alternative health natural healthcare concepts that are easy to accomplish in a reasonable, sensible, and cost-effective manner. 

We teach these
incredibly important and valuable  healthcare concepts in our  Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs.

DEATH CAUSE # 2:  Cancer conditions are a major health problem in America, affecting millions of Americans annually and causing more than 500,000 deaths in year 2013

Developing a much healthier lifestyle can help trillions of body cells become healthier and thereby minimize the number of sick body cells that may gradually mutate into cancerous cells - those cells can potentially develop into serious cancerous conditions. 

Our  advanced natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education programs present incredibly valuable  advanced natural  healthcare concepts knowledge that can be life-changing for all of our  "qualified education clients" (QEC's) and  can be life-saving for many clients!!!!

Lon developed 
advanced  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts  that can enhance immune system  functions throughout the body and thereby help enable trillions of body cells to get healthier on a daily basis.

He is confident that our 
advanced  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts can be used to effectively reduce and minimize the potential for most cancer conditions and many other serious health conditions, including most cardiovascular health conditions.

Our  Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs will truly be major breakthroughs in human natural healthcare and wellness concepts management actions and also protection actions.

We know how to educate our clients about special healthcare actions that can help them learn how to develop optimized health and then maintain that health status daily to enjoy a much better life and potentially enjoy a longer healthy life as well.

Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, and Some Other Health Conditions:  Lon also learned how to help educate people that are diabetic (about 29 million in America) or hypoglycemic (many millions in the USA - perhaps 10 to 30 million) and people that have some other serious health problems (many millions in the USA). The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that we probably have about 79 million pre-diabetics in the USA. (people who are likely to become diabetic)  Consequently, diabetes is a very serious health problem in America that will likely affect more than 100 million citizens. 

     Lon understands these glucose instability problems well, and he says that we should add to those diabetic and pre-diabetic numbers an additional 10 to 30 million hypoglycemics to get a more responsible view of the massive amount of glucose level health problems that we likely have in the USA.   This is why Lon is laser focused on helping educate people that have glucose instability health problems. 

     He understands that most American medical doctors likely have an inadequate understanding of these problems (unless the doctor is diabetic and then the doctor may have learned more about the complex dietary problems involved with diabetes, pre-diabetics, and hypoglycemia).  Lon has a very good understanding of these diet issues because he has been hypoglycemic for more than 50 years, and he had to become an expert with these very important diet issues in order to cope effectively with his own glucose instability health problems.

     Lon read his first book about hypoglycemia in 1971.  Over the past 45+ years, he has read 13 books about hypoglycemia and 8 books about diabetes, in addition to having a lot of personal experiences coping with his own hypoglycemia since age 28 (about 54 years) and experiences working with our ABC of Health health store customers who were diabetic or hypoglycemic.

Lon understands that some of the
magic keys for obtaining better health with most health conditions is to: (1) learn how to boost  immune system functions and (2) learn how to develop healthier body cells on a daily basis, including brain cells, and (3) maintain a very positive, constructive, and productive attitude about life, and (4) learn about special nutrition supplements that have been developed to help manage some healthcare problems.   Lon has acquired a lot of educational experiences with numerous health supplement products.

Lon learned how to: improve brain functions (learning, memory, recall ability), and help minimize typical mental problems
[fuzzy thinking - brain fog, confusion, lack of concentration, poor learning and memory functions, frustration].  He also learned how to greatly reduce the potential for serious anxiety and depression.  

We have good reasons for believing these very importanthealthcare improvements may reduce the potential for brain tumors and some other forms of cancer conditions in the body.

Lon Willoughby also learned how to improve
endocrine system hormone functions, greatly improve digestion of food nutrients,   improve the timely removal of food residue (bowel movements), improve liver functions, and gall bladder functions, and kidney functions, adrenal gland functions, and help the thyroid gland work better.

Cost Savings:  Does this sound very expensive?  Well, it is not because some of our  advanced healthcare concepts cost no money at all; they will actually save our QEC's money. 

Other health concepts do cost modest amounts of money, but can save money on the food bill by omitting some poor food and beverage choices that may be expensive for individuals and for many families (on an annual basis). 

It clearly costs less money to stay healthy than the typical costs involved with trying to cope with sickness and diseases. It is also clear that  being healthy feels much better than being sickly!!!

As you can see, this special Website provides information about our company, and some of the major healthcare problems in America.  It also presents very important information about our   
advanced healthcare concepts home-study education program.

Our education program is designed to help our "qualified clients" get on the fast track for enjoying a much healthier lifestyle, and our  advancednatural  healthcare and wellness concepts will enable our QEC's to enjoy a healthier body.  They can then enjoy the amazing health benefits that can come from this exciting and invigorating healthcare education project.

Healthcare Concepts Consultation Services:  ABC of Health can also provide  Natural  Healthcare Concepts Consultation Services by telephone for qualified American citizens of the upstate area of South Carolina that live within a 50 miles radius of downtown Greenville, SC.

consultation services can help people quickly learn very important natural healthcare concepts that can be very helpful with their general or their specific healthcare concerns.

Education Choices:  Our  Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-Study Education Programwill present much more alternative health  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education than we can accomplish in many hours with our consultation services. 

Our home-study education program will provide an outstanding opportunity for our "qualified  education clients" to make some really BIG IMPROVEMENTS in their lifestyle and the life that is still ahead of them - hopefully, many more healthy years.

FREE  Healthcare Concepts: Our multiple Websites provide very important and very valuable free special healthcare concepts for visitors to our Websites (we want to help them get started quickly in improving their health by developing a healthier lifestyle). 

These very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts are copyrighted by our company so they are available on the Internet only at our Websites. 

ABC's of Health, Inc.owns more than 50 copyrighted healthcare concepts that were developed by Lonnie Willoughby, as the founder and president ofABC's of Health, Inc.(a South Carolina Corporation - doing business as ABC of Health)

Improving Health Potential:  We can help our "qualified clients" improve their health potential in very important ways:   they can learn how to improve their lifestyle for improved overall health and then enjoy more energy, vitality, and stamina, improved mental abilities, more positive attitude, and more confidence.

They can enjoy living a healthier, longer, and more productive and more successful life (at work and at home with family and friends).  

Yes, our 
Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs will make this possible for many qualifiedAmerican adult citizens - as far as we know, for the first time ever in the history of mankind!!!

Many people are in a BIG HURRY:  Unfortunately, many people with health conditions are in a big hurry and looking for a magic pill or a simple healthcare protocol that will quickly solve their complex healthcare conditions in an easy and inexpensive manner.

We understand that this big-hurry attitude is usually due to careless, casual, and irresponsible wishful thinking about their healthcare  condition(s).

Our personnel know, from lots of natural healthcare experience, over a period of  many years with a lot of people, that the magical healthcare "quick fix" that many people are looking for does not exist now, and it will likely never exist on this planet.

Healthcare is a very complex subject that has many variables that can be different from one person to another due to their genetic variations, family  lifestyle variations, diet variations, religious teachings, formal education variations, environmental factors, etc.

Therefore, it should be clear to all logical, rational, and sensible level-headed people that there is no easy, quick, and simple healthcare management solution that is right for everyone for all healthcare conditions and problems.

However, there are some core healthcare educational concepts that could be very helpful and beneficial to most people.  We specialize in educating our "
qualified clients" about our  advanced healthcare concepts that are flexible enough to accommodate various cultures. 

These special natural healthcare concepts can enable our "
qualified clients" to get on the fast track toward enjoying much better health, what we call optimized natural health.

Congratulations for finding the pot of gold  at the end of the natural  healthcare rainbow (valuable information about our 
Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs).

If you are an American citizen and live in the upstate area of South Carolina, you may be able to qualify to lease one of our 
Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  

Visit our 
Client Qualifications  department to learn more about our client qualification standards.  See if you can likely qualify because many American citizens living in South Carolina will not be able to qualify!

Our  Advanced
  Natural  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs are designed to help our "qualified education clients" (QEC's) get on the fast-track toward enjoying a much healthier lifestyle, and they can then enjoy a healthier body, and then enjoy the amazing health benefits that can come from this exciting, invigorating, and life-changing  natural  healthcare and wellness optimization project.

We Can Help Our Qualified Clients:
  If you are a reasonable and responsible person that is willing to spend some time learning how to improve your health in a practical, sensible, and cost effective manner, you have fortunately found the right place to learn about  our remarkable  Advanced  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education  Programs.

Welcome ​to our 
special natural healthcare and wellness concepts introductory education information.  We encourage you to take time to review the helpful information presented in each department of this special Website and also visit (at a later time) our Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website (a convenient link is provided at the bottom of this column of information).   

Introductory Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website presents some very important and very valuable  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that can help motivate you to begin taking  much better care of your precious natural health on a daily basis. 

natural health is your most valuable treasure in this life and you are personally in  charge of managing it properly each day.  Your are your body manager CEO.  How are you doing?

We are confident that our copyrighted 
advanced  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts can improve and transform the way our "qualified education clients" (QEC's) will choose to live their life in the future.

Please enjoy the "
Free  to reviewspecial natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that are presented at our Introductory Healthcare Education Website!  If you have not already done so, we suggest that you choose a time to visit our Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education  Website located at www.ABCofHealth.com.  That special Website presents a lot of  very important and very valuable  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts  that can help all American visitors a lot.  We present this educational information  in our "Free to review" format.  (no cost to review)

Major Health Benefits List:  When you visited our Summary of Health Benefits  department (this Website), you saw the remarkable  natural  healthcare benefits that our qualified education clients (QEC's)  can begin enjoying while they are advancing through the three phases of one of our Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education  Programs.

Ask yourself these questions right now:  Do I already know how to obtain these
incredible       important and valuable natural  healthcare and wellness concepts benefits?   If your answer is no, would you like to learn how to obtain these remarkable and incredibly valuable  alternative health type  natural healthcare and wellness concepts benefits?  

Then ask yourself four very important questions:

    1.  Do I know how to minimize my potential for getting the very serious cardiovascular problems that plague many millions of Americans? 

Heart attacks and strokes killed about 730,000 people in America in year 2013;  they also damaged many hundreds of thousands of people who survived - this is a very serious health problem that can strike without warning
!!!  Lon has learned how to reduce and minimize the potential for those very serious health problems.

Millions of people in America suffer with cancer conditions, and more than 500,000 people died in America from cancer conditions during year 2013.

    2.  Do I know how to use  advanced 
natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that can help me substantially reduce my potential to suffer with some of the common serious diseases (including some  common cancer conditions) at some point in my future?

    3.  How can I learn the
incredibly important and valuable  advanced  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that are copyrighted by ABC's of Health, Inc.?

    4.  Can I qualify to lease a
natural  healthcare and wellness concepts home-study program that isoffered by ABC of Health?

If you cannot qualify right now due to where you live, maybe you can qualify at some point in the future when we expand the geographic area where we will lease our education programs.

This Website shows that we are in the business of educating our  "
qualified clients" about life-changing and life-saving  advanced natural  healthcare and wellness concepts  that can help our qualified education clients (QEC's) take much better care of their natural healthcare assets

You can get started today by reviewing the helpful
natural healthcare concepts presented at this Website, and you can also review the very important and valuable  Free natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we present in the Home  department of our Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website - located at www.ABCofHealth.com/.

We encourage American adult visitors to contact us by E-mail if they have questions about our healthcare consultation services or our home-study type education program, or if they simply want us to put them on our E-mail list - for additional information, future updates, and any special offers that we make in the future.

You can contact us easily by using the E-mail Form that is provided  in the
Contact ABC department.

You may also contact us by telephone or by U.S. mail using the information presented at the top of the
Contact ABC department.

We welcome helpful comments and suggestions about our Websites and we welcome your constructive ideas that may help us improve our alternative health  healthcare concepts education services.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

May you live a long. healthy. and prosperous life as a patriotic American,

ABC's of Health, Inc.  management personnel  - doing business as (dba) ABC of Health  


​(our Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website )


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​​Exciting Health and Wellness News!!! We have developed  practical, responsible, and sensible healthcare concepts education solutions for some of America's major healthcare problems, as explained in our Contact ABC department. 

As you may know, millions of Americans are suffering with serious health conditions, and thousands of them are dying each day, as explained briefly below. 

Lonnie Willoughby (Lon) is the founder and president of  ABC's of Health, Inc.,  doing business as ABC of Health.  Being in the alternative health  natural healthcare and wellness business for many years enabled him to work with numerous health conditions. 

Lon learned that a lot of the health problems that people suffer with are due to their lack of healthcare knowledge; they typically do not know how to take good care of their body.  

This very common situation challenged Lon to  develop natural healthcare concepts that could be used to educate our customers about practical, responsible, and sensible actions they could take to help their body develop healthier body cells and potentially extend their lifespan.

Over a period of many years, Lon researched and studied
alternative health  natural healthcare concepts a lot, and he gradually developed  advanced  natural healthcare concepts that could be used to educate our customers with health problems about actions they could take to improve their healthcare actions. 

Lon's advanced  natural healthcare concepts also work exceptionally well for clients who are still reasonably healthy and want to learn about vital  health\care actions that they can take to help them optimize their health for a much better life - with better brain functions and better emotional control, and have more productivity and success, and enjoy more satisfaction in their life.

advanced  natural healthcare concepts that Lon developed and copyrighted for our company are truly a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in natural healthcare management and protection.  He learned how to improve health substantially and maintain it at a high level of wellness for many years into the future. 

Our advanced natural healthcare conceptscan help reduce the potential for suffering with serious disease conditions that are common and wide-spread in America.