Welcome to this special Website about very important  and valuable  alternative health  type natural healthcare concepts.  The information presented in the Contact ABC department   offered you important and valuable  natural  healthcare concepts  that have the potential to change your life for the better, and that special information is Free!  Our gift to help you improve your lifestyle starting TODAY, if you want to get started right away.

Our company, ABC's of Health, Inc.,  is a unique Alternative HealthNatural Healthcare Concepts Education Company, doing business as (dba) ABC of Health.  We are a South Carolina Corporation, located in Mauldin, South Carolina, just eight miles east of the downtown area of Greenville, SC.  You may already know that Greenville is in the foothills of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, about 65 miles east of  the city of Asheville, North Carolina. 

Our founder and president, Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr,, (Lon) is a skilledalternative health natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach, as explained in this department and as explained further in the About Us  department of this Website.  


Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr., A.S., has many years of experience working in the alternative health  natural healthcare field.  Lon owned and managed a complex health and wellness facility for 14+ years in the Greenville, South Carolina area.  (1/3/1999 - 4/24/2014)

That facility stocked a very good assortment of health-related products such as vitamins, minerals, enzyme products (with more than 10 enzyme formulations), herbs, health food products, essential oils, probiotics, protein supplements, and many other products.

The health store also stocked air filtration and air purification equipment, water filtration and water purification equipment, select quality built exercise equipment (CHI exercisers and Rebounders), and a quality built portable infrared sauna for body detoxification and weight loss benefits.

Lon and the assistant store manager worked in the health store daily, providing
natural healthcare servicesfor our health store customers (1000+) and their diverse healthcare concerns and interests.  Lon therefore acquired many years of very valuable alternative healthnatural healthcare work experiences helping our customers in this manner.

Lon learned that most people do not know nearly enough about how to take good care of their health potential
[good diet, good clean water (drinking, cooking, and bathing), smart use of nutrition supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, essential oils, proteins, etc.), healthy exercises, and daily control of healthy positive attitudes and emotions, etc.]

Conventional Medical Practice in America 

Lon has seen a lot of people suffering from frustrating, difficult, and painful health  conditions.  Most of those people were being treated by conventionally trained medical doctors. However, Lon understood that most of them also needed help from a person like him - an  alternative health natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant.


Unfortunately, there are very few alternative health  natural healthcare consultants   nutrition consultants like Lon Willoughby.  The main reason is because it is very difficult to make a living providing alternative health natural healthcare services

One big reason for this situation is the fact that most people in America improperly believe that regular medical doctors know how to treat all healthcare problems effectively.  That is not an accurate belief mindset, as shown by Lon's personal healthcare experiences over a period of many years.  He consulted  with a series of medical doctors who did not know how to diagnose his health problem (reported herein and in the About Us department). 

Another major reason for this situation is that most medical insurance plans will not pay for  alternative health natural healthcare consultations or nutrition consultant type therapy.

We understand why most medical insurance programs will not cover the costs involved with natural healthcare consultation services or nutritional therapy.  It is clear that the medical profession has a very strong monopoly for healthcare services in most states.

Lon Willoughby understands that most of the healthcare problems that he has seen could have been avoided or minimized if those people had known how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets.  They needed natural healthcare concepts education.

Unfortunately, most conventionally trained medical doctors would not likely agree that their patients should also get some complementary help from an  alternative health natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, healthy lifestyle coach  like Lon Willoughby. 

We may eventually get to that  advanced level in responsible and sensible healthcare services  for sick people in another 50 to 100 years, but it is not routinely recommended to patients by conventionally trained medical doctors - as it should be at this point in time. 

Thousands of people die daily in the United States of America (USA).  We understand that a lot of those people die because they had not been educated about how to take much better care of their  natural healthcare assets [their body, their brain, their thoughts and attitudes, better control of the glucose level in their blood system, and improved hormone balance conditions in their body].  They do not know how to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Healthcare consultations  with an  alternative health natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant like Lon Willoughby, plus some important nutrition supplements that he might have suggested could have probably helped most of the people who are dying daily  in remarkable ways - if they had consulted with Lon several months before they got sick.

Thousands of people die monthly in America from adverse reactions to the doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that they had been taking.  We understand that about 80,000 people die annually in the USA from adverse reactions to the pharmaceutical drugs that they were taking.  Think about this very serious situation for a few moments. 

That tragic situation, and some other tragic medical profession situations, were reported responsibly in July 26, 2000 by the American Medical Association (AMA) in the Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA), Volume 284. That very revealing report showed that the medical profession was the third leading cause of death in America

NOTICE:  Lon understands that reputable research has shown that  the medical profession is probably the number one cause of death in America - causing  more than 700,000 deaths per year.  This is an astounding catastrophic situation!   See the blockbuster book titled  Death by Medicine by Gary Null, PhD, revised PB edition (c) 2011.  The book also contains an award-winning movie DVD by the same name (93 minutes run time).  Buy it !!!!

Death Rates in the USA:  Most Americans would be surprised to learn that about 7,115 people die daily in America.  That amounts to about 49,800 people dying weekly and about 216,000 deaths each month. ( We calculated these daily, weekly, and monthly averages by using the annual USA death rate data for year 2013 that is reported at  www.cdc.gov/.)

Please consider carefully the very important information presented at our Websites when you are thinking about the long-term potential benefits that one of our  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs can have in your very valuable life.

A Viable Alternative To Most Conventional Medicine

Please understand that deaths rarely ever occur due to clients choosing to use alternative   health  natural  healthcare practitioners because these healthcare practitioners use much safer healthcare practices, protocols, and natural type nutritional healthcare therapies.

Our  Alternative Health  Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Company understands these very important healthcare situations.  We diligently strive to educate our "qualified clients" about very important healthy lifestyle improvements that can have remarkable health benefits at reasonably low-costs. This is a very sensible thing for most people to do.

ABC's of Health, Inc. owns more than 50  copyrighted  natural  healthcare concepts that enable us to educate our "qualified education clients" about very important natural  healthcare concepts that can help them improve their lifestyle and thereby improve their healthcare actions. Those actions daily can greatly improve their long-term quality of life.

We have good reasons for believing that many of the people dying weekly in the USA are dying mainly because they had not been educated about  the very important Vital  and  Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts  that Lon Willoughby developed for our company.

It is unfortunate for millions of Americans that we must have restricted distribution of our very valuable advanced healthcare concepts   Our Client Qualifications department (at this Website) explains why our  remarkable copyrighted  vital  and advanced natural healthcare concepts are closely guarded corporate trade secrets that will not be released to the general public.  Consequently, we will not be able to use a mass-marketing sales program for distribution of our  remarkable advanced natural healthcare education  programs.

This special Website was developed to help us inform natural-born American citizens about our incredibly important and exceptionally valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Consultation Services and also the Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that Lon and Janie Willoughby are developing at this time. 

We want to help "qualified"patriotic-minded American citizens who have strong integrity and who responsibly agree to comply with our lease agreement that will strictly prohibit them from "giving away" any of our very important and very valuable natural  healthcare concepts  corporate trade secrets to other people (relatives, friends, etc.).  That very important  prohibition of sharing of our healthcare concepts with other people is absolutely necessary due to our responsible security standards.

This Website also provides important information about our  natural  healthcare concepts that can be beneficial to visitors to this Website.  We provide some important natural  healthcare concepts that can help motivate responsible visitors to begin improving their personal lifestyle and thereby begin taking better care of their  natural healthcare assets (body organ systems, hormone systems, brain health, positive mental attitudes daily, etc.).

Background Information

About Janie Willoughby

Janie  R. Willoughby, Lon's wife, was a dedicated school teacher for many years, and usually taught 150 to 175 high school students each day, five days per week.  She had to prepare to  teach five classes each day, and she routinely dealt with students' academic problems, their personal and emotional situations, and some of their problems with family situations. 

Janie was able to help many students cope with various problems that affected their academic performance, and they usually expressed appreciation for her generous help.  Many students became better students due to her helpful guidance and leadership.

Janie earned her Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) at  Winthrop University (Rock Hill, SC) and earned her Masters in Education degree (M.Ed.) at Furman University (Greenville, SC). 

Janie was also a competent mentor for college-level student teachers from near-by Furman University.  The student teachers were assigned to work in Janie's classroom - where she helped them learn classroom management skills and other skills needed for teaching high school students.  Mentoring actions were an important part of their teacher education. 

Janie was a highly skilled professional high school teacher, and she has taught several social studies courses (American Government, American History, World History, Economics, Psychology, and Sociology).  (She was competent to teach all of these subjects.)  Janie also taught advanced level classes that smart students could take for college-level credits. 

Over the years, Janie taught thousands of high school students so she had to competently prepare many exams and tests for her students to evaluate their academic progress.  She also graded thousands of students' exam and test papers in a responsible manner.

Janie retired in June 2007, after 39 years of teaching in public schools (mostly high school courses).  She is currently working with her husband Lon Willoughby at ABC's of Health, Inc. as the Director of Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Programs.

She is using her professional education skills to help Lon Willoughby develop our 
Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs in an education format that will be easy for "qualified clients" to understand and learn how to use properly. 

Due to Janie's advanced college level education about teaching skills and her extensive experience with teaching and training thousands of high school students, she is highly qualified to help Lon Willoughby develop our  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  As you can see, Janie Willoughby is a very important person on our corporate  Natural healthcare education programs development team.

Janie has been working recently on the development of very effective methods of teaching the 
advanced healthcare concepts that we will publish in our Advanced  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  Her current major project has been working with Lon Willoughby on developing the progressive  three levels of education that will be used in our  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs

Lon and Janie are developing natural healthcare concepts education programs that will present remarkable  major breakthroughs  in alternative health natural healthcare management concepts and protection concepts  for our "qualified education clients."

Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs are explained at this Website in the Health Education Program department, and that information overflows and continues in the  More Info + Cost Info department.

Our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will truly be  remarkable  natural healthcare concepts education programs.  They can be exceptionally beneficial  to our "qualified education clients."   See more information about our Advanced  Home-study Education Programs in our Education Program  Features  department.

Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Programs will truly be a  BIG  VALUE in  advanced  natural  healthcare concepts education.  Initially, our education programs will be available only to responsible patriotic-minded American citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina with a permanent primary residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ .

Each applicant must be "qualified" before they will be allowed to lease one of our healthcare home-study education programs.  Visit our Client Qualifications  department to see why we must have responsible client qualification standards for selecting who we will allow to have access to our very important and valuable healthcare education materials.

Success Stories:  We can create Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Success Stories  with one person at a time, or with one family at a time, for our "qualified education clients."

You have learned that
ABC of Health is in the  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Business, but we also develop American  Citizenship Educational Concepts that will be included in our remarkable  natural healthcare concepts education programs.

very important  American Citizenship Concepts will help our "qualified education clients" understand how to become more responsible and more patriotic toward their personal American citizenship.  We are developing our natural healthcare concepts education programs to enable our "qualified clients" to become healthier American citizens and also become more responsible, more competent, and more patriotic American citizens.

Our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs are  being developed to help our "qualified clients" learn how to be healthier, smarter, and wiser American citizens.  Most of our "qualified clients" will probably live several years longer in good health while they are enjoying being healthier with more vitality and zest for living. 

They will also likely be more productive and more successful in everything they do - for the rest of their extended healthy lifetime.

We anticipate that our "
qualified clients" will like our education program so much that they will refer some good people to us (family members and friends that they personally know). Those actions can help us expand the distribution of our Advanced  Healthcare Concepts Education Program to more good and responsible American citizens in South Carolina.

Referring good patriotic-minded American citizens to us will help our work to develop healthier and more knowledgeable American citizens who can join with us to help build a better and safer and stronger America for our generation, and for the next two or three generations.  We need many more responsible and sensible patriotic-minded Americans.

America is still The Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave 

Our clients learn how to be much more effective
at helping other patriotic Americans keep
America free for the next generation of
young and promising Americans.

​We understand that every new generation
of Americans need to be carefully taught
​what it really means to be an American citizen.

They need to understand the very high price that
many other Americans paid to help us be FREE!!! 

Our citizenship education program supplements what our clients

have already learned about American History and Government.

The very important Citizenship lessons that we will teach in our

advanced  healthcare concepts program  will help clients understand

some of the most important aspects and duties of being American citizens. 

They will likely become more competent as American citizens and

also become more responsible with their American citizenship duties.

Background Information

About Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr. 

The detailed presentation below will provide relevant information that will enable you to get a good understanding of who Lonnie Willoughby is and also understand why he was able to develop major breakthroughs in natural  healthcare management concepts.

You will learn why Lon worked diligently toward this exceptionally important  alternative  healthcare objective for many years, and you will understand why his dedicated actions can eventually benefit millions of good, responsible, patriotic-minded American citizens.

Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr. is the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., and he is currently busy developing  Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that will provide life-changing and life-saving healthcare concepts in an easy to learn format.   Our vital and advanced  healthcare concepts were copyrighted over a period of years by Lon Willoughby for our healthcare company (doing business as  ABC of Health). 

Our very important and valuable  natural healthcare concepts are trade secrets of our company.  They will enable our South Carolina company to present remarkable major breakthroughs in practical, responsible, and sensible advanced  natural  healthcare management and protection concepts.  (greatly improve natural healthcare actions)

We will use these special natural healthcare concepts to educate our "qualified clients" about alternative health  natural healthcare concepts that are very valuable and beneficial to long-term health and for their potential to help extend a healthy lifespan.

Lon Willoughby earned his Associate Degree in Science (A.S.) at the Gulf Coast  College in Panama City, Florida, while he was working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at the Panama City Airport (1971 to 1977) as a highly skilled electronics technician.  Lon was graduated on The Dean's List (had very good grades).

Over the years, Lon completed courses at three colleges - courses in biology, chemistry,  physics, electronics, English, health and physical education, American History, engineering drafting, and engineering mathematics courses into calculus. 

Lon's favorite college subject was physics because it explains how many important things actually work in the world around us (light, heat, friction, gravity effects on various situations, frequencies, motion, velocity, various forces, etc.).


Flash Back To 1955

United States Air Force

Lon Willoughby completed his freshman year of college in 1955 (June) at Mars Hill College (Mars Hill, North Carolina).  He knew that he had a technically-oriented mind so he studied    in the pre-engineering curriculum.  Lon realized that his parent's could not afford to send him to college, and he did not know what he wanted to do with his life, so he voluntarily enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF).

Lon completed his USAF Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base (AFB), near San Antonio, Texas.  His basic training instructor team quickly selected him to be the flight leader for his basic training flight (60 airmen recruits).  With Lon's leadership, their flight won several awards during their training program.  Upon completion of that training, Airman Willoughby  was selected to attend the USAF instructor School, also located at Lackland AFB. 

Lon completed the Instructor School training successfully, and was graduated near the top of the class. He then began his new military assignment as  an  Academic Classroom Instructor and also a Drill Instructor at Lackland Air Force Base. 

This special instructor school training was an excellent eight-weeks educational opportunity for Airman Willoughby because he learned very important classroom type public speaking skills, along with learning several other military subjects - leadership skills, drill instructor training, military rules and regulations, etc. 

His new job with the Air Force was to train USAF Basic Airman Recruits, 60 students at a time for a second phase six weeks Basic Training program.   Lon worked with two other experienced instructors, and the three of them lived in the two-story barracks buildings with the 60 recruits (30 on each floor).  Each  instructor had their own private room.  There were many such barracks and instructor teams in their squadron at Lackland Air Force Base.

After 18 months of very successful work as a
USAF Basic Training Instructor, Lon was rewarded by being allowed his choice of any one USAF training school out of 400+ schools.  His USAF aptitude testing had shown that he had a very good aptitude for all of the major subject areas, and that included his aptitude for technical and scientific subjects.

Lon was aware of his technical and scientific-minded intellect, and he had a natural curiosity and  interest in the electronics field of work.  He chose to go to the longest electronics training course available - training to become a long-range RADAR technician  - 48 weeks of electronics technical school at  Keesler  Air Force Base(AFB) in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Transfer from Lackland AFB to Keesler AFB:  The training squadron that Lon was assigned to at Keesler AFB had about 350 student airmen, most students were new airmen who had just completed basic training and some of them were like Airman Willoughby, experienced airmen who were being retrained into an electronics technician position.  There were several squadrons of student airmen at Keesler Air Force Base. 

Squadron Management:  A military officer (Major) was in charge as the Squadron Commander, and there was a high-ranking enlisted man (Master Sargent) that worked directly with the Squadron Commander, along with an administrative airman Clerk who was responsible for maintaining the abundance of administrative records and other paperwork involved with the squadron. 

The day-to-day management of the 350 student airmen was done almost entirely by the students themselves as explained below.

One student airman was selected to be the Squadron Leader (wore a White decorative braided rope on his right shoulder and was commonly called "The White Rope").  The 350 student airmen were divided into to four squads.  Each squad had a Squad Leader and they wore a yellow braided rope on their right shoulder daily.

The squadron had 14 two story barracks that housed airmen on both levels (sleeping area, etc.).  Each barracks had a Barracks Chief that was in charge of the airmen assigned to their barracks. Each Barracks Chief wore a red decorative braided rope on their right shoulder as a part of their daily uniform.  

The White Rope was responsible for managing the 350 student airmen on a day to day basis, and he organized the men into four squads and led them in marching to class each day through a parade ceremony in their military uniforms.  The White Rope was also responsible for all disciplinary matters with all students airmen in the squadron. 

When the current White Rope was near graduation from his electronics school training, he initiated a competitive evaluation process to select the student airman that would succeed him as the new White Rope.  The new White Rope would begin his duties on the day that the current White Rope  graduated from his electronics training course and left the squadron to travel to his new assignment at another military base location.  

This flash back in time shows that Airman Lonnie Willoughby won that competition, among several applicants, and Lon was selected to be the new White Rope.  Airman Willoughby remained in that capacity for the rest of his electronics school training program (about ten months). 

In addition to being a student airman in the electronics school for RADAR technician training, Lon now had a broad set of duties and responsibilities seven days a week to be the White Rope and provide guidance and management type supervision for the four squad leaders and the 14 barracks chiefs, and the rest of the 350 student airmen assigned to the squadron. 

After he had been in the White Rope position for several months, Airman Willoughby was nominated by both his Master Sergeant and his Squadron Commander to be a candidate for the Airman of the Month award. 

This special achievement award was given to one airman each month, to represent the entire Air Force Base in that capacity for one calendar month.  Each month, a different candidate for Airman of the Month was selected from a group of recommended candidates. Airman Lonnie Willoughby was subsequently selected and awarded that honorary distinction.   

The squadron was managed well and won awards during Lon's tenure as the White Rope.  With good teamwork help from the four squad leaders and the 14 barracks chiefs, Airman Willoughby was enabled to manage the 350 student airmen well. 

Only two significant discipline issues occurred during that ten months period of time.   Airman Willoughby personally managed those issues without any actions being needed from the Master Sergeant or the Squadron Commander.  (They had very easy jobs during Lon's ten months tenure as the White Rope.)

This relevant history shows that at age 21, Airman Lon Willoughby was a conscientious and responsible young man who could successfully manage the various challenges and responsibilities associated with the management of 350 military personnel.  At that young age, he had already developed a substantial amount of human relations skills, personnel management skills,  and military leadership skills. 

His White Rope management duties and responsibilities detracted from and interfered with his electronics training program in a very substantial way.  However, Airman Willoughby was able to manage all of those extra squadron management duties successfully, and he completed the very interesting and challenging 48 weeks of electronics RADAR system training  successfully with good grades.  

Lon's next Air Force assignment was to work as a RADAR technician at the Long Range RADAR Facility located at Moody Air Force Base, near Valdosta, Georgia. Airman First Class Lonnie Willoughby completed his voluntary four-year enlistment program with the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1959 at Moody Air Force Base. 

Gaston Technical Institute 

In Gastonia, North Carolina

The timing worked out well for Lon to promptly enroll in
Gaston Technical Institute (GTI), located in Gastonia, North Carolina (near Charlotte).  GTI was an Extension Unit of North Carolina State College (Raleigh, NC), and Lon selected the Electronics Technology Curriculum so he could study engineering type mathematics, engineering drafting, electronics courses, English, and physics. 

In April 1960, while Lon was in his second semester at
  GTI, he luckily noticed an employment advertisement posted on the college bulletin board for Electronics Technicians with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Lon had learned about the FAA while in the Air Force, and he considered the FAA to be his very best choice of employment when he was graduated from GTI.  He had already learned that the FAA rarely advertised job vacancies so he promptly applied for a GS-7 Electronics Technician position with the FAA.

Lonnie Willoughby subsequently received notice that he could go for a job interview at the nearby
FAA Office located at the Charlotte Airport.  Lon obviously completed the job interview successfully because the FAA subsequently offered him a very good GS-7 pay grade electronics technician position in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Lon gladly accepted that job offer and went to work with the Federal Aviation Administration in June 1960, at the end of his second semester at GTI.  At that time, he had completed two semesters of courses at GTI with an A grade in all courses (he was half-way through the two years education program).  He finished the semester at GTI on a Friday afternoon and went to work with the FAA in Raleigh, North Carolina on the following Monday morning.

Federal Aviation Administration


Lon progressed well in his career with the FAA; he was promoted to higher GS grade positions several times during his many years of work with the FAA.   Lon enjoyed the challenging complex electronics systems work assignments.  Over the years, he completed several training courses for complex electronic systems at the FAA Academy located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

He was assigned to work with major electronics systems that are used for air traffic control in the Southern Region of the United States - for the FAA and for the U.S. Military.  During his career, Lon was assigned to work at RADAR facilities, an Air Route Traffic Control Center, Air Traffic Control Tower Facilities, and he also worked with TACAN and VOR systems and VHF and UHF radio receivers and transmitters (for communications with airplanes).

His primary electronics technician job responsibility was to evaluate complex electronics systems on a daily basis to ensure that they were working properly.  If he found that some operational parameter was out of tolerance (malfunction), he would quickly evaluate the problem and take whatever actions were needed to correct the problem issue quickly.

Lon consistently received very good performance ratings annually, and he eventually became an FAA Station Chief (Tuscaloosa, Alabama).  Later on, he was selected to be an FAA Training Officer (Proficiency Development and Evaluation Officer - PDEO - GS-12 pay grade). 

The PDEO position vacancy was located at the Greer FAA Sector Office that was at the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport - between Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina.  

This was a very desirable FAA position for Lon but he had to compete with 40 qualified candidates to get selected to fill that vacancy.  There were 13 Sector Offices at strategic locations in the Southern Region of the Federal Aviation Administration and each office had one PDEO, so there were only 13 PDEO positions in the entire Southern Region of the FAA.  This was a very special position and it was very rarely vacant.

As it turned out, that was Lon's last assignment with the FAA.  After two successful years in the PDEO position, he had finally reached his tolerance limit with frustrating government bureaucracy.   Like his parents,  Lon Willoughby was an independent-minded person with a strong entrepreneurial intellect.  He really wanted to get out of the government service and get into the private sector where he could hopefully have more freedom to exercise  ingenuity, innovation, and creativity. 

He had been offered a very responsible and challenging management and sales position in the private sector with a national education company that he was very familiar with, and he decided to accept their offer for him to become their State Coordinator for the State of South Carolina.  Lon voluntarily resigned from the FAA in October 1979, after 23 years of very successful federal government service (USAF and then the FAA).  

Lon would have needed to work another 12 years to be old enough to retire (with 35 years of service), and he doubted that he would survive 12 more years of frustrating government bureaucracy.  It was difficult for him to put up with the government bureaucracy because he was a creative and innovative entrepreneurial type of person - the on-going bureaucracy caused continuing stress for Lon due to his independent and creative nature. 

He was concerned about his confusing and frustrating health condition that was getting worse as the years went by and his frustration with the ever-present government bureaucracy made his health condition worse due to serious stress. 

He had a daily health challenge, and he had not been able to get any help from medical doctors for his condition over a ten year period of time.  His health problem continued to get worse as the years passed by and he did not know what to do about it.

Career Change:  That career change turned out to be a very good move for Lon and Janie Willoughby because it eventually enabled him to get his mysterious and very confusing and frustrating health condition under much better control (due to his ongoing healthcare study and research and his relevant experiments with nutrition supplements).  

His career change was also a very good situation for his parents because his employment  status in the spring of 1982 enabled him to have much more flexibility with his schedule.  He needed that flexibility to help his parents cope with his father's tragic heart attack and debilitating stroke situation that occurred in the spring of 1982 when his father was only 66 years old.  This was about two years and five  months after Lon had resigned from the FAA.


The stroke left Lon's father totally paralyzed on the left side of his body (no control at all of his left arm and hand, and no control of his left leg and left foot).  He was now a total invalid, confined to his bed, or a wheel chair.  He could not walk or even turn himself in his bed. 

Lon was very concerned about his father's situation, and he was determined to help him and Lon's mother as much as possible in coping with this tragic event.  You can read about that situation at our Introductory Education Website in the department named Lon's Motivation

See the convenient link provided down below for Website www.ABCofHealth.com if you want to make a quick detour over to that Website and take a brief look at that department.  Remember that you can come back to this exact location by using your Back Arrow Function or the TAB at the top of your viewing screen (if your operating systems provides TABs).

Seeing how his very active father had been stuck down in the prime of his life and immediately turned into a tragic invalid really motivated Lon Willoughby to learn how to prevent such devastating occurrences.   It took many years for Lon to acquire that kind of special natural healthcare knowledge, but we are happy to report that he did learn what actions to take to greatly reduce the potential for heart attacks and strokes.


+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Important Considerations

There are several things for you to understand about Lon Willoughby from the background information that has been presented thus far:

     1.  He has a natural aptitude for technical and scientific subjects.  He is independent minded with a strong entrepreneurial intellect and he is innovative and creative.

     2.  Lon completed a lot of education about technical and scientific knowledge, and he acquired a lot of training and experience with complex electronic systems used by the military and the FAA for Air Traffic Control in America.

     3.  His education and technical training, and his work experiences with the U.S. Air Force and the FAA, with very complex electronics systems, enabled him to develop advanced  level critical thinking skills that were very helpful in his complex electronics systems work assignments with the Federal Aviation Administration.

     4.  Lon's  Air Force Instructor School Training and experience as an Academic Classroom Instructor greatly improved his ability to be an educator (became a training officer with FAA).

5.  His critical thinking skills were also very helpful to Lon Willoughby in 1980 when he began to transition into his serious study of alternative natural healthcare concepts by reading many relevant healthcare type books about those subjects.     

     6.  Lon's special mental skills have been a very valuable asset to him throughout the past 30+ years as he continued his dedicated research and studies about  alternative natural health care concepts, including his many years of  work in this very important natural healthcare field of work - up to the present time.   

7.  Lon's science education and training, and his special critical thinking skills, helped him complete numerous education classes and training seminars about a broad spectrum of natural healthcare concepts and healthcare issues over the years. 

     8.  He still uses those special mental skills and his extensive healthcare concepts education on a routine basis in his ongoing work as president of ABC's of Health, Inc. 


     9.  His critical thinking skills helped Lon a lot as he worked on the development of advanced healthcare concepts that he could copyright for ABC's of Health, Inc. 

   10.  We now understand that Lon's  advanced healthcare concepts are so important that they will become a major breakthrough in alternative  natural healthcare concepts.  They   can be used to eventually help millions of patriotic- minded American citizens BIG TIME!

Right Place at the Right Time:  Fortunately, Lon Willoughby was the right person, in the right place, and at the right time to progress to where he is today in this very exciting  alternative natural healthcare concepts education field - that is needed badly all across America.  

The fact that Lon fortunately grew up on a complex farm in the eastern part of North Carolina is a very important part of his understanding of the following relevant issues:

     1.  how most food products are planted, nurtured, and grown,

     2.  complex whole food nutrition issues - how food plants are nourished

          (commercial fertilizer choices and application methods), 

     3.  plant minerals and other nutrient issues for different plants, 

     4.  herbicide and pesticide issues for plant food crops, 

     5.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) dispute issues - plants, 

     6.  organic farming issues - avoids herbicide & pesticide chemicals,

     7.  animal food products - chickens & eggs, cow's milk, beef & pork

          (antibiotic concerns & issues, growth hormone concerns & issues.

Technical-minded father:  Lon's father was an outstanding farmer and one of the most successful farmers in their county of North Carolina because he  was scientifically and technically minded.  He studied farming complexities and intricate technicalities like a serious-minded engineer might do if responsible for a complex farming operation.

Lon Jr. was very lucky to have grown up with his smart parents on a complex farm that produced many food products.  He got to see all of this from the beginning stages to the final products - food items such as: beans (several types), berries (several types), grapes, carrots, corn, grains (oats, wheat), melons (cantaloupes and watermelons), Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes (yams), peanuts, pecans, squash, tomatoes, walnuts, and several green foods (collards, lettuce, mustard, okra, and turnips). 

Lon grew up tending to one milk cow and one milk goat daily and many beef cows (20+), many chickens and their eggs, and several hogs/pigs. (for pork meat)  Lon's father would buy young cows and pigs, raise them to a given size and then sell them in the local market.

The Willoughby family always had cats and dogs as pets, and growing up on their farm was very interesting and mentally challenging for Lon, usually on a daily basis. 

Lon looks back on those boyhood farming years with very fond memories and a grateful heart that he had very smart and hard-working parents and grandparents who were very competent farmers.

Like his father, Lon was technically and scientifically minded, and after being graduated from High School in North Carolina, he went on to college and obtained some very valuable science education as related previously. 

Lon's farming experiences, his science education in college, and in the USAF, and at the FAA Academy (several complex electronics systems courses), and his extensive experiences with very complex electronics systems work, with the military and then the FAA, enabled him to develop advanced level critical thinking skills that have been very valuable to him for many years now. 

Lon's Very Confusing and

Frustrating Health Problem

He developed a serious health problem, beginning at about age 28, and that health problem grew progressively worse as the years went by.  He consulted with a series of six medical doctors over a period of about ten years.

The medical doctors had no idea what his problem was or what he should do about it. They did not recommend any kind of special tests for his health problem.  He had a routine blood test and urine test and nothing unusual showed up on those two test.

After about ten years of Lon's efforts to get help from conventionally trained medical doctors, he gave up on the doctors and began looking at
alternative  natural healthcare for a  solution to his health problem - which had continued getting worse as the years went by. 

His study of alternative  natural healthcare issues began very casually in 1970 and then intensified gradually for many years thereafter, as explained briefly herein.  Also see the very important article about the medical profession in America that is presented in the second part of the Summary Of Health Benefitsdepartment. 

From Lon's current advanced  natural healthcare knowledge status today, his initial health problem in the 1960's would have been an easy problem to test for and to diagnose (but it would have still been difficult to treat due to its complexity, as it still is today). 

However, 40 to 50 years ago, most conventionally trained medical doctors did not have any education about hypoglycemia - a glucose metabolism problem that causes episodes of "low blood sugar."  [Glucose and oxygen are fuel for the brain - the glucose level in the blood system can be in the normal range or it can go too high (diabetic) or it can at times get too low (hypoglycemic) - the brain functions best when the glucose level is normal.] 

Common symptoms that may occur during a low blood sugar episode are: get very sleepy, groggy, brain fog, slow mental and physical reactions, very poor memory and recall ability, irritability, serious frustration and lack of patience with other people, may be paranoid, etc

Those situations gradually became more and more frequent for Lon until they were typically a daily occurrence about two hours to three hours after eating a meal.  It took years for Lon to learn what was causing these frequent debilitating changes in his life, and it took many more years for him to learn how to manage those situations successfully. 

Most of the times Lon was normal and felt good and functioned well, and then for unknown reasons, some of the symptoms noted above would occur and wipe him out for two to three hours.  He would slowly and gradually come back to normal within two or three hours. 

Although this very confusing health condition affects millions of Americans (perhaps as many as 40 to 50 million Americans), this health condition was not understood by the typical family practice medical doctors in the 1970's. (It is probably not much different today.)  

There is no significant amount of money to be made by medical doctors in treating this health problem because it is mainly a diet management situation and a nutrition supplement management situation.  Consequently, there is no financial incentive for the medical profession to take a serious interest in this fairly common health problem. 

If the medical profession wanted to act in a responsible manner about this fairly common condition, they should refer the person to a nutrition consultant or a dietitian.  However, none of the medical doctors did that for Lon so he struggled along daily trying to cope with his confusing condition.  It took about 25 years of very frustrating trial and error actions before he finally learned enough about hypoglycemia to get it under very good control.

Over those years Lon has learned a lot about hypoglycemia, and he is quite empathetic toward people who suffer from this very confusing and frustrating glucose metabolic disorder.  Lon Willoughby understands that it is still very difficult to get competent help from conventionally trained medical doctors for this very confusing health problem. 

Note:  Medical doctors have no financial incentive to study and learn about this confusing healthcare condition - they apparently do not have any pharmaceutical drugs that are effective in treating this metabolic problem.  It has to be treated with healthcare education and lifestyle management, with very careful control over food and beverage choices and some specific nutrition supplements. 

Lon has become an expert with this very confusing health condition, having worked with his own hypoglycemic condition for more than 50 years now, and having read 13 books that were exclusively about this health condition.  Over the years, Lon has been able to help a number of customers with hypoglycemia understand this very confusing condition.

Health Problem Benefits

If Lon had not developed this very confusing hypoglycemic health condition when he was about 28 years of age, that got worse and worse over the years, he would not have spent thousands of hours researching  alternative  natural healthcare concepts over a period of many years (1971 to the present time in 2016 - about 45 years).  

In that event, he would not have learned how to develop his vital  and  advanced natural healthcare concepts that can now benefit a lot of Americans in life-changing and life-saving ways.

Sequence of events enables remarkable health benefits: Lon's farm experiences and farm knowledge, his college-level education courses, his extensive technical training, his training as an Academic Instructor, his later work experiences with complex electronics systems, and then his extensive healthcare studies and relevant research.

Finally coming together:  It all came together eventually in a unique set of complex circumstances that enabled Lon Willoughby to gradually understand how to develop and teach advanced  healthcare concepts that will become a major breakthrough in alternative natural healthcare management concepts for selected patriotic-minded American citizens.

Lonnie Willoughby is confident that most people are capable of learning our copyrighted advanced healthcare conceptsLon and Janie are developing the three phases (Levels) of our home-study education programs so that each phase will be easy to understand, easy to learn, and  easy to use in practical ways that can improve greatly a typical American lifestyle.

Our "qualified clients" can learn how to enjoy better mental and physical health daily for the years ahead, and they will also get a basic education in diabetes and hypoglycemia because these two conditions affect many millions of American citizens.

Our Main Operational Goal 

Since January 3, 1999, our primary goal has been to help people learn  how to take much better care of their precious health assets (body, mind, and spirit). 

As shown in the Health Education Programs department of this Website, over the years,  ABC of Health experimented with several methods of trying to help educate local people in the Greenville area about very important healthcare concepts.  

Our business spent many thousands of dollars advertising our free classes to introduce people to some of ourvital healthcare concepts.  We found that most people had no  interest in our free classes about important healthcare concepts.  People apparently thought that they knew all they needed to know about important healthcare issues.  

Educate the General Public?  Please understand that we are not still trying to educate the general public; we tried to accomplish that locally in Greenville, South Carolina for 14+ years and spent many thousands of dollars attempting to accomplish that goal. 

We learned the hard way (and in a very expensive way) that attempting to achieve that objective was a huge waste of money and a hopeless cause - as explained in our Health Education Programs department.


We have learned that most people are too casual and careless and too irresponsible to learn how to take much better care of their healthcare assets. 

Consequently, we also realize that most people are not going to devote the very reasonable amount of time and effort needed to study of our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

Due to those experiences, we do not waste thousands of dollars each year advertising to the general public about free healthcare concepts classes that could introduce people to our very beneficial alternative natural healthcare concepts, as we did for many years. 

In the future, our advertising will be limited to the Internet, such as our multiple Website advertisements and conducting direct mail ads to selected people that are likely to have a responsible interest in our  AdvancedNatural Healthcare Concepts Education Program.  

With that understanding in mind, you can see why we strive to educate only responsible and sensible people who are seriously interested in learning how to enjoy better health, and enjoy more reliable health, for the rest of their lives. 

We will therefore strive to educate only individuals and families who can meet our "client qualifications standards."  See our Client Qualifications department (at this Website) for helpful information about why we have specific client qualifications standards.

Lack of understanding is very common:  Unfortunately, most people do not understand how important  natural healthcare concepts education can be to their future

Our many years of experience with people found that most of them have a very casual attitude about  natural healthcare education activities, as if it is not important to them. 

They do not understand the incredible advantages that our clients will have in life after they learn our  alternative health advanced natural healthcare concepts.  

Tragic Human Events:  Most people do not understand that many tragic events that occur frequently in America could have been avoided easily if the "instigator" or "perpetrator" had been routinely consuming an inexpensive nutrition supplement that easily supplies vitally important brain nutrients.  

Think for a few moments about angry people, abusive husbands and fathers, abusive mothers and wives, murderers, mass murderers, hate crimes, physical fights, road rage situations, serious impatience, intolerance, racial bigotry and intolerance, etc.) 

Lon Willoughby knows how to educate our "qualified clients" about such situations.  He knows how to help our "qualified clients" learn how to enjoy having very good mental and emotional control at all times (and thereby avoid causing such human tragedies).  

Our exceptionally valuable advanced  healthcare concepts can improve life in many important ways.  Visit our Summary of Health Benefits department to see a listing of the incredibly valuable health benefits that our home-study education program can provide.

The easiest and quickest and least expensive way to obtain this remarkable advanced healthcare concepts knowledge is with our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

Otherwise, one is not likely to ever learn even a small part of the very valuable healthcare concepts that will be presented in our remarkable home-study type education program.

Fortunately, Lon Willoughby is acutely aware of how important it is for people to learn how to take much better care of their very important healthcare assets. 

From his many years of experience in the healthcare field, Lon understands that people in America are dying by the thousands daily because they had not learned and used the advanced  healthcare concepts that he developed for ABC of Health over the years. 

Lon is busy each day working on presenting our alternative healthadvanced  natural healthcare concepts appropriately in our home-study type education program.  (Explained in our Health Education Program department)

As related previously, about 216,000 people die in the USA monthly (an average).  Our company officers fully understand that we are involved in an exceptionally important alternative  natural healthcare concepts education business because we know how to educate our clients about avoiding becoming one of those death rate statistics. 

Lon Willoughby diligently acquired very important alternativeand complementary natural healthcare knowledge through thousands of hours of study with many healthcare type books and related research data about natural healthcare concepts and protocols

He accomplished that very complex education task over a period of many years, and he was very successful, as he had anticipated.  He now knows how to help make the difference between life or death for a lot of  selected American citizens as our "qualified clients."  

Health Books at ABC:  Lon has purchased more than 800 health type books for our corporate library over the years to help with his very involved study of alternative natural healthcare concepts.  Our library may be the best health books library in the State of South Carolina.

Plan of action:  During 2014, Lon Willoughby devised a plan for producing a healthcare concepts home-study education program that would utilize our copyrighted  vital  and advanced natural  healthcare concepts  trade secrets

Lon was convinced that this would be the best way to educate "qualified clients" about remarkable healthcare concepts and the actions that they can use to greatly improve their potential to enjoy living a healthier life, and a longer life, and a much more successful life. (with practically everything they choose to do) 

We are currently working on developing  two home-study type education programs that will teach our advanced  healthcare concepts.(see Health Education Program department) 

Our "qualified clients" can learn how to quickly improve their usual lifestyle dramatically and begin protecting their precious health assets much better than they had been doing in the years before leasing our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  (See important information presented in our Client Qualifications  department.)

Advanced Health Care Concepts Education

Intermediate Level - Adds to Level One

Important Background Information
Lengthy Litigation Process
Intense Competition With Our Sales

Owning and operating their corporate health and wellness store for 14+ years was a very expensive business venture for Lon and Janie Willoughby because it cost a lot more money to operate the health and wellness store than the income that was produced each year.  

They actually had about nine hundred thousand dollars ($900,000) more in expenses over those 14+ years than the profits that came in from the sales of healthcare products and the healthcare services that the store offered to the general public.  

Lon was supposed to get paid for his valuable time, knowledge, and skills from the business profits, but there were no profits during those years.  Consequently, Lonnie Willoughby did not get paid anything for working 14+ years in managing this business. 

However, Lon insisted on staying on track with his determined efforts to find effective ways to help educate people about important healthcare concepts even though the health store business was losing a lot of money each year (without Lon getting paid anything). 

Number 1 Problem:  A major part of their economic problems was the complex civil litigation process that Lon Willoughby was involved with in another southern state for 21+ years (1989 to 2010). The case was initially about Lon's deceased father's trust estate - a family member dispute that is reported in the second part of the About Us department. 

That corrupt litigation process went on for more than 21 years, and it severely interfered with Lon's efforts to manage and operate the ABC of Health health and wellness center. 

The litigation required Lon to make nine trips to the distant state (about 9,000 miles of travel by car), and it also took up more than 15,000 hours of Lon's  time over the 21+ years (that is equivalent to about seven years of full-time work at 40 hours per week). 

That outrageously corrupt convoluted litigation process interfered greatly with Lon's determined efforts to have the store provide  a very good selection of wellness products and provide valuable natural healthcare education services.  The ongoing litigation was a major factor in the large losses of income for our health store business (1/1999 to 4/2014). 

Lon's continuing litigation work prevented him from having enough work time to promote the health store business the way it needed to be promoted in the local Greenville area.

Number 2 Problem:  The second major part of their economic problems was the intense competition that gradually developed  over the years for all health store businesses in the Greenville, South Carolina area (and in many other larger towns and cities nationwide).  

During their early years in business, Lon and Janie's corporate health and wellness store (ABC of Health) had to compete with several other local independent health stores, plus eight GNC franchised health stores, and one large chain health store in the Greenville area.  (Now their are three major chain health food stores in this area).

Over the years,ABC of Health had to compete with more and more local pharmacy stores (selling many nutrition type products), and compete with more large grocery stores (selling many nutrition type products). 

ABC of Health was also in competition with Sam's Club and Wal-Mart and BJ's and then Costco (large local stores that were selling a lot of nutrition products at deep discount prices that ABC of Health could not offer their customers.

ABC of Health also had to compete with numerous network marketing companies selling nutrition products (independent agents selling to family, friends, and business associates). 

The Internet grew in popularity over the years, and more and more of ABC of Health's customers began shopping  on the InternetABC of Healthwas also in competition with numerous Internet sales companies that were offering nutrition type products and many other health related products at deep discount prices. 

As the years went by, ABC of Health had more and more competition from large multi-million dollar mail-order companies that were selling a broad range of nutrition type products at deep discount prices (very similar deep discount prices to the large Internet nutrition product sales companies that ABC of Health was trying to compete with daily). 

This quick review of those events shows that competition in the nutrition products sales business became progressively more intense until it was impossible to stay in business. 

When Lon and Janie closed their health and wellness store on April 24, 2014, they were the ninth independent health store to go out of business in Greenville County during the past ten years.  Since that time, another prominent health store has closed their business.

Bankrupted The Business:  Lon had gone into the health store business in January 1999 so he could help people learn how to take much better care of their health.  He had already learned a lot about alternative health  natural healthcare concepts at that point in time, and he realized that most people needed to learn how to take much better care of their precious natural healthcare assets

He also realized that people in the local area had no practical way to accomplish that vital objective. Unfortunately, Lon's admirable goal eventually bankrupted Lon and Janie andABC of Health.  They closed their health and wellness store permanently on April 24, 2014

Most of the local independent health stores in Greenville County had already gone out of business at that point in time due to their heavy financial losses, and that included some of  the local GNC franchise health stores. 

In fact, in recent years, the national chain of GNC stores has closed hundreds of their health stores in America - for similar competition factors that caused ABC of Health to close their health and wellness store. 

The health conscious consumer market is now spread way too thin because there are just too many places selling nutrition type products today at deep discount prices.  Specialty nutrition stores  find that it is increasingly difficult to make a reasonable profit. 


ABC of Health Is Still In Business

Unlike all of the other local health stores that closed their business completely, our Websites show that we are still in the health and wellness business because Lon and Janie decided to specialize in providing very valuablenatural healthcare concepts education services to carefully selected natural-born patriotic-minded American citizens.

ABC of Health will continue using Lon Willoughby's incredibly valuable healthcare and wellness knowledge by having him develop remarkable  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs of several types.   

We will initially offer our first advanced  natural healthcare concepts education  program to "qualified clients" that live in the upstate area of South Carolina. See the Client Qualifications department for more information about this very important subject.

Current Competition:  ABC of Health  does not have to  compete with any of the health products type sales businesses because our company is no longer in the retail health store sales business. 

None of the sales businesses identified above offer a competitive healthcare concepts home-study education program. They cannot compete with  the copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts education services that we can provide. 

Our advanced  natural healthcare concepts  are protected by federal copyright law, and no person or business in America can offer a similar healthcare concepts home-study education program.  The U.S. federal copyright laws prohibit anyone from using any of our copyrighted    vital and  advanced natural  healthcare concepts

Please understand that  ABC of Health is still in competition with the medical profession in general, and still in competition with dietitians, nutritionist, and various other healthcare specialist that provide healthcare and nutrition information services to people.  

However, none of those competitors offer people an Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  Consequently, ABC of Health has exclusive  control of our  Advanced  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.   The special healthcare concepts education services that we offer have no known competition in South Carolina.

Time to Work On Developing Our Education Programs:  After closing our health store on April 24, 2014, Lon was finally able to have some time to work on the actual development of our  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program. 

It was very difficult for Lon to make much progress with that objective when he was working 80 to 90 hours per week, as he was doing when the health and wellness store was in operation for 14+ years in Greenville County, South Carolina. (He had a very busy work schedule due to his ongoing complex litigation work along with his health store work)

Lon finally had more time available to work toward his ultimate healthcare concepts education program goal.  All of his accumulated natural healthcare concepts knowledge enabled him to gradually move forward with the development of our remarkable Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

Plan Of Action:  During 2014, Lon Willoughby began devising a plan for producing a home-study type education program that would utilize our copyrighted  vital  and advanced natural healthcare concepts trade secrets

Lon believed that this would be the most practical and sensible way to educate our "qualified clients" about our remarkable healthcare concepts.   He believedthat he could develop an education program that would enable qualified clients to learn how to greatly improve their potential to enjoy living a healthier life, and a longer life, and a much more successful life.  (With practically everything they choose to do in their remaining lifespan.)

Lon's wife, Janie Willoughby, had retired as a high school teacher in June 2007, and she had been working many hours per week helping Lon manage their health store operation.

After their health store closed in April 2014, Janie began to provide the very important benefits of her highly skilled teaching abilities by helping Lon work on the development of  our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

Working together enabled them to gradually make additional progress in developing the    education program in a format that will be easy to understand, learn, and use.

Lon and Janie have recently been working on developing two home-study education programs that will teach our 
advanced  healthcare concepts, as explained briefly down below.  You will find much more information in our Health Education Programs department.

Our qualified clients will be able to learn how to quickly improve their usual lifestyle dramatically and begin protecting their precious health assets much better than ever before. See relevant information in our Client Qualifications department.

The  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program  that Lon and Janie are currently developing will truly be a major  breakthrough in the education of  practical, sensible, and cost-effective natural healthcare concepts home-study education for  ordinary people  (not healthcare services providing professionals).

  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program is not being developed to  educate  chiropractors, dietitians, medical doctors, medical nurses, nutritionist, etc. (listed in alphabetical order for fairness)  

We  know that those good people could learn a lot of very important advanced  natural healthcare concepts from our home-study education program, but they are our main competitors in the healthcare services field of work.

Competition In Healthcare Services:  It is important for people to understand that providing healthcare services is a very competitive field of work so we obviously cannot afford to help educate and train competitors in the healthcare field about our very expensive and incredibly valuable  advanced natural healthcare concepts company trade secrets. 

Hopefully, you can understand why we cannot afford to start educating and training our competitors to provide  advanced  natural healthcare concepts education services that would use some of  our copyrighted  advanced  natural healthcare concepts trade secrets.

  High Cost of Efforts to Develop

Healthcare Education Program

Please remember that the very complex study of  alternative health  natural healthcare concepts that Lon accomplished over the years involved reading many healthcare books and related published research data.  In addition, he spent thousands of hours of tedious detailed nutrition work with this very complex education project.

Lon's 14+ years of work with their health and wellness store also involved thousands of hours of important work in operating the store, and working with many customers.  That situation cost Lon and Janie a lot of money as related previously herein. Also remember that their overhead business expenses greatly exceeding the income from the business.

Lon and Janie had more than 1.6 million dollars in cost and other expenses invested in his alternative  natural health and wellness concepts education project (when one considers that Lon had no salary or wages of any type at all during those 14+ years).    

Reasonable Lease Fee Considerations 

For OurHealthcare Education Program 

Let's give fair responsible consideration to the very high costs involved for Lon and Janie Willoughby to work on the development of their Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

We also need to understand that due to important security restrictions for these special healthcare concepts, our company cannot  mass-market the sale of our education programs.  Our security restrictions are explained in our Client Qualifications department.

We must also consider that Lon Willoughby devoted thousands of hours of his life with his  diligent study and research of alternativenatural healthcare issues over many years.

​We should also consider the fact that our home-study education program will present copyrighted advancedhealthcare concepts that are life-changing for all clients and potentially life-saving for many clients (perhaps most clients). This is incredibly important  advancedhealthcare concepts information that is available only from our company.

It is also important that you understand that this  natural healthcare concepts education service is a long-term benefits investment for our "qualified clients" - one that can benefit each client, or a married couple, or a family with children living at home, in remarkable ways, and these benefits can be used and enjoyed each day for the rest of their life or lives. 

Please remember that security considerations prevent us from being able to mass-market our incredibly important and valuableadvanced healthcare concepts education program.

Considering all of the relevant factors identified above, what should reasonable and fair-minded and responsible people be willing to pay to benefit immensely from our incredibly valuable  Advanced  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

Rest assured that we considered these issues carefully, and we developed a very fair and very reasonable and very sensible way to charge for the leasing of our incredibly valuable  Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.

You can review our unique leasing fee structure for our  advanced  natural healthcare concepts home-study education program in the Health Education Program department. 

Major Healthcare Breakthrough      

We have good reasons to believe that our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program  has the potential to be one of the most important and most valuable healthcare breakthroughs in alternative  natural healthcare management  concepts in the USA during the past 50 or more years.

Lon Willoughby knows how to help people protect and nourish their amazing body and mind for a much better life.  A life that can enjoy having more energy, vitality, and stamina, with more brainpower, and a much better potential  to avoid altogether, or at least minimize pain and suffering, from several serious disease conditions that are very common in America. 

We know how to educate people about becoming healthier and maintain better health into their golden years, and thereby probably enjoy living longer.  (Maybe five to ten or more years of better health and more accomplishments and more satisfaction with life.)

Good, responsible, and patriotic-minded American citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina may be able to qualify to lease one of our home-study education programs.

The select citizens who can qualify can obtain access to an absolutely remarkable health care concepts educational opportunity that has never existed before in America, or anywhere else on Planet Earth.   Remember, we own the copyrights for our programs.

NOTICE: This is the  alternative  natural healthcare concepts education opportunity of a lifetime.  It is beyond anything that most people can even imagine in their mind as to the incredible and remarkable healthcare benefits that can be obtained from a study of our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

For the many people that cannot qualify, please understand that we developed this Website, and our other Websites, in ways that can also be very beneficial to practically everyone that visits one of our Websites (as long as they can read the English language). 

You will be wise to patiently read through all of the departments of this Websites to see how this healthcare related information can help you more than you can imagine right now.  Our Website presentations can help motivate you to improve your lifestyle and we will provide information that can help you get started right away!!!

Can You Qualify?  Are you a good, responsible, patriotic-minded America citizen that is also a permanent resident in the upstate area of South Carolina?  Do you have a responsible interest in learning how to take much better care of your precious health?  If so, check out our Client Qualifications department to see what our qualification standards are like.

See if you can meet the qualification standards presented in that department.  If it looks like you will be able to qualify, then consider whether or not it makes good sense to you to have our advanced  healthcare concepts educationprogramas an exceptionally important part of  your healthcare team for the challenging years ahead of you.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  You would be wise to quickly review all of the departments presented at this Website and pay particular attention to the Summary of Health Benefits department.  It will also be very beneficial to you to review various departments at our introductory Website to find some of our FREE natural healthcare concepts. www.ABCofHealth.com

Your very important "education actions"  in this regard  can help motivate you to take better care of your precious health assets and that may help you save your life from some really bad disease conditions that afflict thousands of Americans every day!!!!  (Day after day, week after week, month after month, until millions of Americans are affected each year.)

We can educate our "qualified clients" about very important healthcare concepts, and they can then minimize their potential to have to cope with serious health conditions and even avoid entirely some common health problems in many situations.

For the first time in the history of mankind, ordinary people and extraordinary people will have a marvelous opportunity to learn and understand incredibly valuable natural healthcare concepts that can make remarkable improvements in their quality of life.

And all of this is possible because a country boy from a small farm in North Carolina developed a serious case of hypoglycemiaUnable to get any help from conventionally trained medical doctors over a period of ten years, he was forced by those circumstances to conduct many hours of study of many healthcare books and related research data. 

He gradually learned how to make major improvements in his lifestyle and his diet and he learned how to use nutrition supplements to help him with his hypoglycemia condition.   He did this over a period of many years as he diligently studied alternative  natural healthcare concepts, protocols, and therapies in his determined dedicated efforts to learn how to cope effectively with his complex and very confusing health condition. 

Lon was also challenged to learn how to develop major breakthrough natural healthcare concepts that could eventually help millions of American citizens learn how to live healthier lives and live longer healthy lives.  This department shows that Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr. was eventually very successful because he gradually developed more than 50  natural healthcare concepts that were unique enough for him to copyright for ABC's of Health, Inc. 

Our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will enable us to share our very important and very valuablecopyrighted healthcare concepts with many"qualified education clients."   This will enable us to greatly improve the quality of life for them, and their spouse, and their dependent children that are living at home with them. 

All is well that ends well.  

Introduction To ABC of Health

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