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​​Our Intermediate Level of Education

Health Care Concepts that Add to Level One

​​​​​​Our Advanced  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs will be remarkable values in  alternative health type  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts. Our home-study education programs will teach some major breakthroughs in advanced  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts and also provide some very important and valuable  Citizenship Concepts Education

Our education programs will also provide some estate planning education and they will educate in easy to understand depth in most subject areas.  In addition, the lease agreement for our deluxe  natural  healthcare and wellness education program is a one-year membership agreement that offers a remarkable referral fee awards feature that can pay qualified members referral fee awards, and the membership also offers an important voluntary annual renewal membership feature

Member can voluntarily choose to participate in this
referral fee awards opportunity.  All they need to do is Email, or U.S. Mail, or Fax us their listing of contact information about good responsible American citizens (living in the upstate area of South Carolina) that they personally know and recommend as a potential client to lease one of our Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs. 

These contacts will be people that our "qualified client" knows reasonably well and has good reasons to believe that each contact person or married couple that is referred to ABC of Health is a good American citizen that might be able to qualify for leasing one of our advanced  healthcare education programs.  (See our Client Qualifications departmentfor information about our current security requirements.) 

If the people identified in the client's communications to ABC of Health are not already listed as prospective contacts in our computer data base files (have already been recommended to us), we will contact each new person by mailing them a very nice post card that will invite them to visit this Website. 

As you can see, this Website will introduce them to our company, our objectives, and our Advanced   Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program Opportunities

If some of those contacts choose to visit this Website and then determine that they can probably meet our qualification standards, they may want to consider leasing one of our  advanced  natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs

As a result of our initial post card mailing contact, or as a result of any subsequent follow-up contact that we make to them during the next several weeks (if we get no response from our first post card mailing), they will have a window of opportunity to lease one of our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs  within the next 60 days (from the date of our first mailing to them). 

If they choose to lease one our natural healthcare concepts education programs within that window of opportunity time period, we will contact the referring client and let them know about that action.

When the new "qualified client" leases one of our  Advanced  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs, we will mail the referring client a thank you note and they will also earn a generous referral fee award (in accordance with our current referral fee award policies). 

In that event, we will actually share with the referring member a part of the new client's monthly membership lease fee each month, month after month, after the monthly lease payment is received by us, and the member client's referral fee award amount accumulates monthly into that member's equity account.  If that account amount accumulates to $40.00 or more, we will pay a referral fee award to the client who referred the new private club member to ABC of Health

We will make a payment to the referring client (monthly), preferably by direct deposit to their designated bank account.  Otherwise, we will mail them our corporate check for the referral fee award amount.  

In this typical scenario, we will share a part of our monthly income (from each new client's membership lease fee payment) with the qualified referring member - for simply helping us identify the prospect and helping us learn how to contact that new prospective client with a professional quality post card.  

If the new client prefers to pay for their education program's one year lease fee up front in a lump sum, we will pay the referral fee award in a lump sum within 10 days or less from the time that we received said lump sum payment.

The situations shown above can be repeated with numerous other people that the member client knows reasonably well.  As you can see, it takes very little time expenditure or effort to earn generous  referral fee awards with our very easy to accomplish program. 

Please remember that we do almost all of the work involved in communicating with prospective clients, and we also pay for practically all of the expenses involved, including doing all of the administrative work involved and paying all of the costs involved in managing the entire program. 

Our member clientsdo not need to try to sell this club membership lease program to their prospective contacts,and there are no products that our members need to sell to anyone to earn additional income. 

We do all of the selling involved, we just need to know who our existing "qualified member clients" recommend that we mail our post cards to as our initial invitation for them to visit this special Website. 

That is it good people: there is nothing else that our "qualified member clients" need to do in order to get setup to earn referral fee income for each new member that joins as a result of their referrals.  

Qualified member client:

A current member of our Americans4Justice Club

and the account is not delinquent in any manner

The existing qualified member client that earns the referral fee award for each new member that joins A4J will be the member that contacted us first about each recommended potential client. 

Our computer data base records of these events will maintain a listing of all recommended contacts, showing the member that recommended the prospective member, and also showing the date and time  that we received the recommendation via Email or U.S. Mail or Fax (written communications). 

Multiple contact recommendations (duplicates) will also be shown in our data base so we will know which members recommended each new potential client for one of our Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs

Our data base records will clearly show which member made each recommendation first.  In the event of a two-way tie, or a three-way tie, etc., we will have a fair and impartial drawing to select one winner of each tie situation that occurs (not likely but it is possible).  

NOTE: This referral opportunity can easily be a very important gift from the referring member to the referred potential client.  This very easy gift may ultimately enable the referred person to live a much better life with improved health that will enable them to minimize their potential for many sickness and disease conditions and also enable them to enjoy more productivity and more success in whatever they choose to do with their remaining years of their life. 

In addition to those benefits, our health care education program will enable them to have a remarkable opportunity to enjoy a longer life with good health because they have learned how to take much better care of their precious health assets.

GIFTING:  What greater gift of health advantages could one person give to another person, at almost no cost to the giver, and accomplish this amazing feat with very little effort? 

Wow!  What an incredible opportunity this presents to many responsible Americans living in the upstate area of South Carolina. This educational opportunity is especially beneficial for married couples with young children because their children can potentially benefit a tremendous amount from the  advanced  natural healthcare and wellness concepts educationthat their parents receive from one of ourhome-study education programs.

Membership Renewal Opportunity:  The one-year membership can be renewed each year for a nominal fee (one dollar per day - $360 per year).  Every membership renews at the same low cost: one dollar a day - $30.00 per month on bank draft payment or a credit card draft payment.  

The  client members that choose to renew their membership then become eligible to earn new referral fee awards for another year, and they also become eligible to earn residual income from the annual renewable fees that their referred members pay if they also choose to renew their Deluxe one-year membership for another year ($30.00 per month payment draft = $360 per year total cost). 

This renewal membership program is voluntary; there is absolutely no obligation to renew a membership for another year when the initial 12-months lease type membership expires.  

Generally speaking, the referral fee awards earned in this manner can easily be greater than the member's annual renewal of their membership, so they can effectively get their renewal membership for Free!  

This process can continue for a number of years, indefinitely into the future. 

Our remarkable renewal fee award program provides a very easy residual income opportunity for anyone that is actively involved in this referral fee award program because they will likely have a number of referred members on their membership team who will choose to also participate in this program. 

These ongoing memberships will continue to receive our monthly newsletters with very valuable updated health care information, and other helpful information about various important subjects. 

Our monthly newsletter keeps our members well informed about some really important issues, and our newsletters will also specifically help our clients stay motivated by encouraging them monthly to continue taking very good care of themselves daily, physically and mentally, into their future years.

We will explain more about our
education program down below, but it is obvious that this sophisticated  Advanced Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program must have a reasonable cost basis.

You can probably see that our membership healthcare concepts education program can be worth a lot of  value to our "qualified clients."  You will be pleased to know that we have priced this lease cost at a very reasonable rate for each member.  We provide more information about our  membership programs cost in the department titled More Info + Cost Info.  Additional information is presented in the following article.    

Cost Considerations For Our
 Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program

For gross annual income levels, or net estate value levels, at or above the $36,000 break point, we offer potential "qualified clients" our Advanced  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program at a  very reasonable lease fee rate - see our More Info + Cost Info department. 

Our education program has several important features and benefits as explained in this department.    We will show herein that our healthcare education program provides outstanding values to our clients. 

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS:  We can take Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards over the phone or through the mail or by Fax for the first monthly payment for our  Advanced Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program.  

Thereafter, monthly payments will be made by bank account drafts or by credit card drafts - qualified client's choose the drafting method they prefer that we use for their account.    

After reviewing the information presented in each department of this Website, please contact us if you want to obtain additional information about our  Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program

We are developing an outstanding home-study education program that will present some very important and valuable proprietary copyrightedadvanced  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that are exclusive healthcare concepts with us - they are not available anywhere else in America

Our education program will also be a very good Citizenship Concepts Education Program, containing very important historical and political concepts information, and also containing some very important financial concepts that everyone needs to know about such as important life insurance information, wills, trusts, credit cards, personal security, and home security information, etc. 

At this point, you may want to learn more about the many advantages of our  Advanced  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program.  We will provide a short introduction to some of the benefits and features and services of this very special healthcare and wellness concepts education program down below.    

Our   Advanced Natural   Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

A Private Club Membership Lease Program NamedAmericans for Justice

A Quick Overview

Our Deluxe Advanced  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program presents incredibly important  and valuable  advanced  natural  healthcare and wellness conceptsthat can enable qualified clients to make major improvements in their lifestyles.

This education program also contains information about important historical, political, and economic situations in American History and Government.  It will also present valuable information about important estate planning concepts, along with a number of other important subjects.  This is a super value  Advanced Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program but it is also an excellentCitizenship Concepts Education Program.  These subjects are skillfully merged into one education program wherever the healthcare concepts can enhance the importantcitizenship concepts

The lease pricing structure features are explained in detail in our More Info + Cost Info department.

 Our deluxe  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education program is a membership lease program where each client becomes a member of our sister education program named Americans for Justice (a private club). 

This very special membership program also offers an easy and dignified way for our members to earn additional income, as explained below. 

This outstanding membership program provides a very good opportunity for retired people to earn additional income in a very easy and dignified way.  As explained previously, they can earn referral fee awards by simply referring people to us (in an Email or a letter or a Fax) - people that they they know personally and believe they are good America citizens who maintain their primary personal permanent residence in the upstate area of South Carolina ( ZIP Code of 296 _ _ ). 

The referring member believes that their prospects might be able to qualify to lease one of our natural healthcare and wellness education programs.  They suggest that we therefore mail their prospects an invitation to review this special Website so they can consider the incredible and remarkable benefits of leasing one of our Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs.

As related previously, we will mail each of the referral prospects a special postcard that introduces them to ABC of Health and invites them to visit this special Website.  If they choose to visit our Website, they may decide that they like what we are doing in educating our clients aboutincredibly importanthealthcare concepts and our companion American citizenship concepts education program.

They may decide to lease one of ourhealthcare and wellness concepts education program.  If they choose to lease our deluxe advanced  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education program, the referring member will earn a generous referral fee that will be a percentage of the new client's monthly lease fee.  We call each of these earned amounts a referral fee award

The referral fee award program can also work well for stay-at-home moms, or anyone that is home-bound most of the time.  However, in actuality, our referral fee award income program can work well for practically any qualified member client that chooses to participate in the income producing opportunity that is available to everyone that leases our Deluxe  Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program.  

Our DeluxeAdvanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program was developed for people with an individual or family gross annual income of $56,000 or more, or an individual or family net worth of $56,000 or more (whichever value is greater is the controlling criteria  for calculating our base lease fee rate).  See our More Info + Cost Info department for more information.

As stated above, our education program is a one-year membership program and it is named Americans for Justice(a private membership club).   We use the Website address shown below to more fully inform prospective clients about this remarkable private healthcare education club membership program.

Our membership lapel pin is A4J, and this membership program is very valuable. You need to review all of the referenced Websites to understand that this remarkable membership education program is only available initially to responsible citizens of South Carolina who can qualify for a membership. 

As explained previously, our  Advanced Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study  Education Program is generally available only to selected American citizens who live in the upstate area of South Carolina (permanent residence Zip Code of 269_ _ ) and who become a "qualified client" for this remarkable  Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program.

See our Client Qualifications department to obtain more information about our client qualifications security policies

You can learn additional information about our  Advanced Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program by visiting our special Website for this outstanding membership program (named Americans for Justice).  A convenient link is provided below the next paragraph.

Use the convenient hyperlink (link) provided below to quickly detour over to that special Website.  You can then use your Back Arrow Function to come back to this Website (to this exact location).  You may need to select your Back Arrow Function several times to get back to this location.  You will need one Back Arrow Function for each separate department that you visit at the Website linked below. 


 Check out that Website to get more information about the features and benefits and services offered with our  deluxeadvanced  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education program.  

Contact us directly, using the contact information presented at our Contact ABC department, if you have any questions about this private club membership program, or if you have questions about our educationprograms, or if you want to consider leasing one of our very important and  valuable Advanced   Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Education Programs.  


Americans Can Become Better Americans  and

Our Amazing Healthcare Education Program

Rewards Our Clients With Greatly Improved

Healthcare Concepts Knowledge for the Years Ahead

Thank you for taking responsible actions to protect your very precious health assets (body, mind, vital organs, your mental attitude, etc)  - your most valuable assets in this life.  We understand that healthy Americans can have the energy and vitality and the brainpower to help build and defend a better and stronger America (as compared to sickly Americans). 

All of our Advanced   Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs will include very important Citizenship Concepts about important historical and political information about America's past and future.  Our education program are designed to help our qualified clients become better Americans citizens - more responsible, more appreciative of their American heritage, and more patriotic about defending and protecting the incredibly valuable rights and freedoms that we very fortunately inherited by simply being natural-born American citizens. 

Our company is striving to help good patriotic-minded American citizens become better Americans while our education program is enabling them to greatly improve their healthcare concepts knowledge

We want to educate good patriotic natural-born American citizens, but we do not want to educate any of our enemies (domestic or foreign). 

Please review our Client Qualifications department and other departments of this Website before you contact our office.  Most of your questions will likely be answered by the information that is presented at this Website.

If you like what you see at this Website and still have some questions that need answers, please use our Contact ABC department to find the information you may need about communicating with our office by Email, U.S. Mail, Fax, or by telephone. 

We can provide additional information by Email if we receive an Email inquiry from you.  (Your E-mail inquiry to us authorizes us to respond to your EmailPlease check your junk mail or spam mail folders each time you check your Email because we get a lot of good Emails that got sent to our junk folder by mistake.  Remember that Emails in your junk folder or spam folder will likely be deleted automatically after about ten days.

May you live long and prosper well in good health as a good and loyal American, 

​​Lon Willoughby

founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc.  (dba ABC of Health) 

A South Carolina Corporation

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