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Our Advanced Healthcare Concepts May Be the Health Miracle You Need!!!

Exciting Health and Wellness News!!!  Our company has developed practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare education concepts for some of America's major healthcare problems.  [ heart attacks, strokes, cancer conditions, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia (Alzheimer's), excess weight, obesity, anxiety, mental confusion (brain fog), anger, lack of empathy and patience, melancholy, depression, etc.

We understand that millions of Americans are suffering with some of these health conditions each day that goes by with no practical way to learn what they need to know about their natural healthcare assets - and how to help them daily in practical and sensible ways to optimize health.

Unfortunately, thousands of people die weekly in America - at the average rate of 49,800 deaths per week.  Regrettably, it is too late to help those people with our incredibly important and valuable  alternative health  natural healthcare concepts - thorough our education  program

The average weekly death rate stated above amounts to about 216,000 deaths per month in the United States of America (USA).   (These weekly and monthly death rates were calculated by using the  annual death rate data for year 2013 reported at   www.cdc.gov/)

Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr. (Lon) is the founder and president of  ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as ABC of Health.  Our Introduction department provides detailed information about Lon's background, but for now, you need to know that he personally managed our complex natural healthcare and wellness store in Greenville County, South Carolina for 14+ years.  (from January 1, 1999, when we started, until we closed the store permanently on April 24, 2016)   

Working with many customers regarding their healthcare concerns, Lon repeatedly saw that a serious lack of basic natural healthcare concepts knowledge was severely handicapping our customers and their families.  This is probably happening for almost everyone in the USA.

Lon also learned that most of the health problems that people suffered with were due to their lack of  alternative health  natural healthcare concepts knowledge.  He could see that most people did not know how to take good care of their natural healthcare assets.   Lon could usually see that customers' natural healthcare concepts knowledge was fragmented, inadequate, and confused.  

That situation occurred with almost all customers and it challenged Lon to  develop special natural healthcare concepts that he could use to help educate our consultation clients.

Quick Review of Relevant Information

You can read about Lon's background and extensive education in  alternative health  natural healthcare concepts in the Introduction department - with more info in the About Us department.

From his initial start in studying  alternative health natural healthcare concepts in 1970 until today, Lon has been actively learning about  natural healthcare concepts over a period of about 46 years.  He has studied alternative health  natural healthcare books and related healthcare research data  for thousands of hours over those years. 

Lon also traveled to several other states to attend special health type educational programs and services as explained in the Home department of our Website at www.ABCofHealth.com.  He also completed more than 100 healthcare seminars on audio tapes, CD's, DVD's, video tapes.  Lon also attended numerous live healthcare education seminars in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC. 

In order to accomplish his natural healthcare education objectives effectively and efficiently, Lon Willoughby gradually purchased numerous important  natural healthcare type books  to use as convenient  alternative health  reference books for his ongoing studies of many important  natural healthcare subjects.   He was determined to learn how the body works naturally to maintain good health and also learn how to help the body provide optimized health conditions.

Lon is an "eye-minded student" (learns better by reading than by hearing lectures), and he is an avid reader.  Consequently, he acquired a lot of his  alternative health  natural healthcare concepts  knowledge by diligently studying many important natural healthcare books - written by respected healthcare experts in the very important field of natural healthcare concepts.

Due to Lon's many book purchases over the years, our corporate library now contains more than 800  alternative health  natural healthcare type books that Lon selected for purchase, and it may be the best alternative health  natural healthcare books library in the State of South Carolina. 

It is important for you to understand that Lon Willoughby has studied with the  Masters in   alternative health  natural healthcare knowledge in the  USA (America) - over a period of 35+  years.  He has studied important natural healthcare protocols for many health conditions.

From 2005 until recently, Lon continued developing special  natural healthcare concepts  that were unique enough to be copyrighted.   He has used some of those healthcare concepts trade secrets to help educate our consultation clients about important natural healthcare concepts.

Consequently, Lon knows how to help our consultation clients learn how to substantially improve their healthcare actions in natural ways that are practical, responsible, sensible, and  cost-effective.  These  alternative health  natural healthcare improvements can frequently show impressive and exciting healthcare improvements for clients in just a few days to a few weeks. 

Our copyrighted natural healthcare concepts can work well for clients who are still "healthy."  These clients typically want to learn about our natural healthcare concepts so they can improve and optimize their lifestyle for even better health,  and also  improve their potential to live a longer healthy life with more accomplishments, more success, and more satisfaction with their life.   

Lon knows how to help our "qualified education clients" improve their lifestyle substantially and take special natural healthcare actions daily that can help their body develop healthier body cells, improve their overall health, and increase their brain power and emotional control and mental stability, and also increase their energy and vitality and their daily feelings of wellness.

What a difference our  advanced healthcare concepts  can make for our "qualified education clients" (qualified clients)  - major healthy lifestyle improvements can be made.

Lon and his wife Janie are currently developing our   Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home Study Education Program so we can make it much easier for our "qualified clients" to study and learn our  copyrighted vital  and advanced natural healthcare concepts.  This remarkable healthcare concepts education program can be much more effective for our "qualified clients" than many hours of our healthcare concepts consultation sessions could accomplish for them.   

Visit our Introduction department to learn about Lon's background and also review Janie Willoughby's background.  You will learn that Janie has a Bachelors  Degree and a Masters Degree in education and has many years of experience in teaching social studies courses for high school students.  Janie is highly qualified to develop the very important Citizenship Education portion of our  Advanced  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

Our "qualified education clients" can review very important American citizenship information  along with their study of our remarkable  advanced healthcare concepts.  Our combination of these two very important subjects will enable our "qualified education clients" to  become better American citizens while they are also learning how to become healthier American citizens

They will learn how to eat and drink liquids in an enlightened manner (a remarkable major lifestyle  improvement in healthcare actions), and learn about some very important nutrition supplements.  Clients can learn how to have more effective brain power and emotional control.

Our "qualified education clients" will have an excellent opportunity to learn how to enjoy more productivity, and more accomplishments, and have more success with everything they do.  They can also learn how to enjoy having  more satisfaction  in their life than most adults ever achieve.

This remarkable  Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will be a major breakthrough in  alternative health  natural healthcare management concepts.  We must therefore be very careful with whom we share our incredibly important and valuable advanced healthcare concepts.  We know that  Americans have lots of enemies, and we do not want to educate any of them about our  incredibly important and valuable  advanced natural healthcare concepts.  (Many of those people appear to be fanatical-minded enemies of sensible civilized people everywhere.)

We do not want our advanced natural healthcare concepts to get into the wrong hands and then be used to educate millions of  fanatical-minded brainwashed people about how they can become healthier, smarter, and stronger.  We do not want to help them become more successful with their criminal-minded and fanatical-minded destructive actions against our allies, civilized people in general, our American citizens and properties, and our cherished American freedoms.   

The Client Qualifications department at this Website explains several reasons why we must carefully evaluate the "qualifications" of each applicant  before we agree to lease to the applicant our incredibly important and valuable  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education ProgramMany millions of American citizens will not be able to qualify to lease our education program.

 Major Advances In

Natural Healthcare Concepts

The exceptionally important and very valuable  vital  and  advanced  natural healthcare concepts that Lonnie Willoughby developed and copyrighted for our company are destined to become an incredible  revolutionary major breakthrough in  alternative health  natural healthcare concepts

These special healthcare concepts can improve practical and sensible natural healthcare actions in ways that can produce remarkable  advancements in natural healthcare management.  Our advanced healthcare concepts can be used to improve healthcare easily and conveniently. 

Our "qualified education clients" will learn how they can continue using our copyrighted vital and advanced healthcare concepts on a daily basis so they can enjoy health at an optimized  higher level of wellness for the rest of their very valuable and precious extended healthy lifetime. 

The   Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that Lon and Janie Willoughby are currently developing will present an incredibly important and valuable healthcare concepts education opportunity for American citizens who can qualify to lease our remarkable and truly outstanding  Advanced  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.

This home-study education program will provide the only legitimate practical way to learn all of our vital  and  advanced  healthcare concepts.  Our "qualified clients" can learn how they can enjoy better nourishment of body cells throughout the body, and thereby enjoy better brain functions and better emotional control, along with more energy, vitality, and more zest for living.

Our  Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Program will be the first  natural healthcare concepts education program of this type in America.  We know this because we own more than 50 copyrighted natural healthcare concepts  that will be explained in this remarkable natural healthcare concepts education program Our company  is the only company in America that is authorized to teach our copyrighted  vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts.

Our  healthcare concepts education  program will also enable our "qualified clients" to greatly reduce emotional stress and also minimize physical suffering from some health conditions.

Helpful Notes About Departments At This Website

Contact ABC departmentYour are viewing this department now - provides information about contacting and communicating with ABC of Health, including a convenient Email Form.  This "landing page" also presents a Quick Overview of the natural healthcare services  that we offer.

The second part of this Contact ABC department provides a brief article about the  alternative  health profession, and it also provides an article about important actions that Lon and Janie Willoughby took to help Lon's father after a stroke left him totally paralyzed on the left side of his body. This is very important helpful information that all visitors should review at least one time. 

Quick Overview department:   Presents an easy to read overview of the   Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Services   that we can provide for our "qualified education clients."

Summary of Health Benefits  department:  Provides a convenient listing of some of the special healthcare benefits that our "qualified education clients" will be able to enjoy by completing their education with our  Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.

The second part of this department presents a very important report about the medical profession in America.  It shows that healthcare services are unfairly and unreasonably stacked in favor of the conventional medical doctor profession and the pharmaceutical drug companies.  All visitors to this Website should read this very revealing healthcare information report.

Introduction  department:  Provides relevant background information about our corporate officers and our natural healthcare concepts education services.  Very important information!

About Us  department:   Provides additional information about our business. 

The second part of this department  presents a report about the extremely corrupt litigation process that was used to ruthlessly persecute Lonnie Willoughby in another southern state for 20+ years.  Those grossly unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt "judicial actions" severely harassed and maliciously persecuted Lonnie Willoughby as an "out-of-state litigant." 

Those judicial actions interfered a tremendous amount with our health store business (as the unfair and unethical attorneys and judges in the distant state clearly intended to do). 

NOTE:  Every person  that visits this Website should review this very important report about the outrageous level of self-serving judicial corruption that can easily exist in  judicial courts anywhere in the USA.  (trial courts and appellate courts - state courts and federal courts)

This report shows how "elitist members" of the legal brotherhood (legal profession in the USA) have willfully betrayed  millions of people who worked, sacrificed, struggled, suffered, and/or died in their very courageous and valiant efforts to establish, protect, and defend very important civil rights and freedoms for citizens living anywhere within the United States of America.

Client Qualifications department: Explains why we must carefully evaluate the "qualifications" of each healthcare education program  applicant before we can responsibly agree to lease to an applicant our remarkable  Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  

Health Education Program department:  Presents very important information about our alternative health   Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

This department shows how the lease cost varies in direct relationship to the financial status of each applicant for our  healthcare concepts home-study education program.  This is a very fair and reasonable way to make this remarkable program available to more people on a lease basis.

Our Primary Healthcare Education Objective

This unique Website shows that we are in the business of educating "qualified clients" about our copyrighted life-changing and life-saving   vital  and  advanced natural healthcare concepts

Our  special natural healthcare concepts can enable our "qualified clients" to understand how they can conveniently and sensibly learn how to take much better care of their  natural healthcare assets.  They can then benefit from  our very special natural healthcare concepts every day for the rest of their life. 

Our clients will have a substantially increased potential to enjoy a much better life - a life with more productivity, more achievements, and more lifetime success.  They can also enjoy more happiness and satisfaction with life and look forward to a potentially extended healthy lifespan.

We developed this Website to introduce visitors to our
revolutionary major breakthrough  alternative health   natural  Advanced  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  

In addition to that primary objective, this Website also introduces visitors to some important healthcare concepts information that can be very helpful to anyone that can read the English language, wherever they may live on Planet Earth.  (we have visitors from China, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, etc.)   We want  all responsible and sensible visitors to benefit from visiting this special Website by being motivated to take better care of their precious health. 

We do not tell visitors how to make a lot of  major lifestyle improvements because that would be "giving away" too much of the incredibly important and valuable  advanced  healthcare concepts that we must get paid for in order for our company to continue in business - providing our incredibly important  and  valuable  natural healthcare concepts  education  services

Furthermore, we do not want to educate millions of people in various places on this planet who have been brainwashed  to  "falsely believe" that Americans are "their enemy."  We may be competitors, but we are not anyone's enemy until they foolishly insist on being our enemy.

Information For Improving Your Lifestyle

You can start improving your lifestyle today, if you choose to do so, by using some of the valuable 
free  healthcare concepts that we will refer you to - in several departments of our Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website (www.ABCofHealth.com). 

We have provided a hyperlink (link) below to take you there instantly.  You can then use your Back Arrow Function to return to this exact location at this Website to continue your review of the various departments at this Website.  You may be able to use the correct TAB  to return to this exact location - if your viewing device system provides TABs  at the top of your screen.

When you visit our
  Introductory Education Website, we suggest that you carefully review the Home department and then review the special department titled "Natural Healthcare Concepts."  

We also suggest that you visit the department titled "Healthcare Myths" to obtain some very interesting and very valuable  healthcare  education  information that can help you a lot.  You may also want to take a quick look at some of the other departments at that special Website.

Now, let's select the convenient link at the end of this sentence to make a quick and easy detour over to our 
Introductory Natural Healthcare Education Website:   www.ABCofHealth.com

+  +  +  +  +

WELCOME BACK.  We encourage people to contact us by E-mail if they have questions about our healthcare education services, or if they simply want us to put them on our E-mail list - for additional information, future updates, and special offers that we may make from time to time.

E-mail Contact of ABC of Health:  Use the E-mail Form below to send a quick and easy E-mail.  Please provide some feedback about your visit here.  How do you feel about the very valuable alternative health  natural healthcare concepts that our company is providing free for visitors.

You can also contact us by
E-mail using your usual E-mail program (please make a note of our E-mail address - ABCofHealth@live.com), or you can contact us by telephone or by U.S. postal mail, using the helpful contact information presented at the top portion of this department.

We welcome your helpful constructive comments and suggestions about our Websites and your ideas that can help us improve our 
Alternative Health  Natural Healthcare Education Services.

Thank you for your kind consideration regarding these suggestions. 

May you live a long and healthy life as a patriotic American,

ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as  ABC of Health, located in Mauldin, SC (near Greenville)

Alternative Health

Natural Healthcare Concepts Education

One of the major objectives in alternative health  natural healthcare is to help clients and patients learn about practical, reasonable, and sensible natural lifestyle improvement actions that will enable them to take better care of their precious healthcare assets on a regular basis.

Understanding that very important objective helped Lon Willoughby persevere through numerous difficult hardship situations that occurred over a period of many years (as explained herein).  Lon resolutely continued his self-initiated healthcare education process of learning as much as he could about 
alternative health  natural healthcare  concepts.  

Lon understood that this special kind of natural healthcare concepts knowledge was probably needed badly in most states in America.  He understood that healthcare services in South Carolina were dominated and tightly controlled by the medical profession and their "very cooperative association" with the pharmaceutical industry (drug manufacturing companies).

You can read a brief overview of some of the difficult situations that occurred over a period of years for Lon and Janie Willoughby in the report that follows this short article.  You can also review more information about some of those situations in the second part of the
About US department.  That very important report exposes some of the outrageous level of self-serving judicial corruption that was used repeatedly to severely harass and persecute Lonnie Willoughby in a malicious and ruthless manner in a distant southern state for 20+ years. 

Those extremely unfair and corrupt judicial situations were used by a series of judges to try to destroy Lon Willoughby as a person - financially, socially, health-wise, and business-wise.  The extremely corrupt 20+ years litigation process caused many years of delays for Lon's dedicated efforts to develop his much needed natural healthcare education efforts in South Carolina.

Those years of forced delay have already been very detrimental to millions of American citizens.  Due to the outrageous level of unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded corrupt judicial actions that Lonnie Willoughby was ruthlessly and maliciously subjected to for 20+ years in a distant southern state, many more millions of American citizens will be affected adversely.  

Lon Willoughby understands that millions of citizens will suffer with disease conditions that they could have avoided and most of them will likely die prematurely (due primarily to their lack of  the  alternative health  natural healthcare conceptsknowledge that Lon has developed). 

However, our small company will not attempt to market our  incredibly important and valuable  natural Advanced  Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program to the public in other states because of the great potential danger involved for our company - where we might have to litigate in distant courts (state or federal courts).  Lon knows that our small company  could easily be subjected to extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded type ruthless and malicious corrupt judicial processes.  We will not put our company in that vulnerable position.

Lon has also published a 13-page short story about some of those corrupt  judicial situations at one of our other Websites - located at:  www.ABCofHealth.biz/.   See the
Justice  department for very important information about the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded corrupt litigation schemes and tactics that were used in a self-serving way against Lonnie Willoughby in a distant southern state for 20+ years. 

That report shows how attorneys and  judges in the distant state collusively cooperated with each other to maliciously and ruthlessly harass and persecute litigant Lonnie Willoughby.  You will see how judicial systems in America can be conducted in an outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving manner any time judges and attorneys want to persecute a litigant.

NOTE:  Our Client Qualifications department shows how we will prevent anyone associated with the legal profession in America from being able to lease our  Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  That situation will likely exist for at least 60 years and maybe forever!!! 

​​Relevant Healthcare Information

Health Tragedy Occurred In 1982

for Lon's Father and Mother

Lon had a major setback in his career starting in the spring of 1982, when his father (Lonnie Willoughby, Sr.) had a heart attack that put him in the hospital.  He and his wife (Lon's mother) lived in another southern state about 450 miles away from Lon and Janie in Mauldin, SC.

While in his hospital bed in the distant state, Lon's father suffered a devastating stroke that left him totally paralyzed on the left side of his body.   He had no muscle control on any part of the left side of his body - no left arm or hand control, no left leg or foot control.

He was also in a lot of pain daily from muscle cramps on the left side of his body - arm and leg cramps (his lymphatic glands had no physical activity - could therefore not function normally).

The severe stroke damages caused Mr. Willoughby to be confined to his bed or his wheel chair.  Mr. Willoughby was very smart and fortunately, his mind and voice control still functioned well. 

Lon Willoughby, Jr. and Janie worked with his parents to help them cope with that extremely difficult situation, and they moved Lon's parents into their home in Mauldin, South Carolina for about six months in 1982 (about 450 miles away from the parent's home). 

Lon then moved his parents back to their home in the distant state after several months

of excellent rehabilitative therapy for Mr. Willoughby at the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital (located near the Greenville Memorial Hospital - about eight miles from Mauldin, SC). 

Lon's parents were still responsible for monthly payments on a bank mortgage note of about  $650,000 for a 44 unit apartment complex that they had purchased several years earlier in a town that was about 50 miles away from their home (in the distant state).  

They needed Lon and Janie to move to the distant state and take over the full management of that apartment complex (located about 500 miles away from Mauldin, South Carolina).

Lon's parents thought the apartment complex was a good real estate investment, and they wanted him to manage the property and keep it in the family, rather than sell the property.

In order to provide the help that his parents needed badly, Lon and Janie would have to give up both of their careers, leave both grown sons behind (both enrolled in nearby colleges), leave  Janie's parents and other nearby relatives behind, along with all personal friends, rent their home out to strangers, and move all of their household furnishings to the town in the distant state where the apartment complex was located (500 miles away).   

All of that very difficult effort and those personal sacrifices would be necessary to help Lon's parents in the manner that they needed help badly.   We have published more information about this complex family situation in the second part of the 
About Us department of this Website.

Lon and Janie accomplished all of those things, and they were able to help his parents in many ways during the next three years.  They did an extraordinary amount of work to get the 44 unit apartment complex business in good physical condition (four large buildings and the grounds and lots of grass, shrubs) because the property had run down a lot since it was built in 1974.

They refurbished 14 apartments in 18 months (had apartment painted, had new carpeting installed, Lon made repairs to appliances and installed new food disposal in kitchen sink and  repaired or installed new faucets, etc.). 

Lon and Janie also did a lot of other badly needed repair work throughout the apartment complex and did many other types of work to get the business in good shape, in addition to doing  the constant daily workload of normal duties in managing 44 apartments.  Lon typically worked 80 to100 hours per week and Janie typically worked 60 to 80 hours per week.  They did that for about 18 months - non-stop, until they got the most pressing actions accomplished.  

Unfortunately, a very serious sibling rivalry situation developed unexpectedly with Lon's  brother (age 46 - Lon was 48).  The younger brother lived about 800 miles away from the apartments, and he had become resentful about the numerous actions that Lon and Janie had taken to help his parents as much as possible. 

Lon's brother and his wife had a motel business at the beach near Wilmington, NC, and Lon understood that this was a very demanding business for them most of the time.  They also had three children at home who were still enrolled in the local public school system. 

Lon and Janie were therefore doing everything they could to enable Lon's brother and his family to continue with their lives in a normal manner, without having their life complicated by responsibilities related to the very serious healthcare problems of Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby.

Rather than appreciate what Lon and Janie were doing to help the parents, and also protect the younger brother and his family from responsibilities in that situation, Lon's brother was resentful about Lon and Janie's very helpful actions.  Lon began to understand that his brother was being uncooperative, resentful, and ungrateful regarding Lon and Janie's  family actions.   

This was clearly not an acceptable situation for a future apartment business relationship between Lon and his brother (Lon's only sibling).   Lon began to consider selling the apartment complex, rather than try to keep the property in the family (as his parents initially wanted).

Selling the apartment complex would enable Lon's parents to retire and not have the burden of a $650,000 mortgage note with the bank.  Selling the property would also enable Lon and Janie to move back to their home in South Carolina.  They could then try to reestablish their separate careers and hopefully normalize other important relationships (with the two sons and Janie's  parents and their family members, and some local friends in the Mauldin and Greenville area.) 

Lon and Janie worked very hard to get the apartment complex in good condition in all major aspects, including the outside appearance of the large complex.  Lon was then successful in getting the apartment complex business sold at a good price.   Consequently, Lon and Janie had both returned to their home in Mauldin, South Carolina by April 15, 1986.

Their nice three bedroom home, with 2 1/2 baths and 1780 square feet of floor space, located in a nice subdivision neighborhood, had been rented out for almost three years.  However, it was  vacant at that point in time so they were able to move back into their home in April 1986.  

Lon's Compelling Motivation To Discover

Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Solutions

The work with Lon's father's devastating stroke and total paralysis on the left side of his body, over a period of four years (1982 to 1986), strongly motivated Lon to develop a very serious goal of trying to find or develop practical, responsible, and sensible education solutions for some of the
major healthcare problems that plague Americans in large numbers each year.

Lon Willoughby understood that millions of Americans are suffering with serious healthcare problems every day that goes by, and he also understood that most of those people likely did not know how to cope with their healthcare problems using  alternative health  natural healthcare concepts in a practical, responsible, sensible, and cost-effective manner.

Lon was particularly motivated to try to find ways to
minimize heart attacks, strokes, and cancer conditions because they are the major killers in AmericaHe also wanted to find ways to help prevent or minimize the serious healthcare problems that are often associated with  diabetes  and hypoglycemia (Lon has this very confusing and frustrating metabolic condition). 

He also understood that very serious healthcare problems were injuring and killing a lot of people each year in America.  
Recent Information:  during 2013, about 216,000 people died monthly in the USA, and more than 2,596,000 people died during the year.  See the annual death rate data for year 2013 published by the CDC at: www.cdc.gov/. 

Lon thought about his studies of 
alternative health  natural healthcare issues over a period of several years and his personal experiences with a number of medical doctors, and many other people .  After that serious healthcare review, and considering his remarkable experiences with alternative health  natural healthcare concepts, Lon believed that he might be able to help make big improvements in human natural healthcare concepts and also increase human healthy lifespan if he seriously focused his technical mind on those objectives for a number of years.

Base on his numerous experiences with the medical profession over a period of many years, he had no confidence at all that the badly needed advances in human healthcare would likely occur in the conventional medical practice field or the pharmaceutical drugs field.  

Why did Lon believe this was true?  He had already learned that the  medical profession in America and the pharmaceutical drug companies work very cooperatively with each other to maintain a sophisticated industrial complex that makes many billions of dollars each year from working with sick people.  They do not make much money by working with healthy people

It is not in their best interest to educate their patients about things they can do for themselves to get healthier by natural healthcare actions and stay healthy, without using the medical system practices or the pharmaceutical drugs that are usually prescribed for many health conditions.

It was therefore clear to Lon Willoughby that the two "
healthcare related professions" identified above have no monetary incentive to responsibly educate people about very important  natural healthcare actions that patients can use routinely to take much better care of their health.  

Alternative Health  Natural Healthcare Profession

alternative health natural healthcare profession is very much different from the medical profession and pharmaceutical industrial complex identified above.  Alternative health  type healthcare practitionersusually have a responsible focus on trying to educate their clients about some of the natural healthcare concepts that can help clients learn how to take better care of their natural healthcare assets. This is a very important distinction for you to understand.

Do you want someone like Lon Willoughby and  ABC of Health on your healthcare team?  Think about this very carefully;  it is your precious health and your life that is involved here. 

You can choose to take charge of your health- if you learn how to do this.  What is the best way for patriotic-minded natural-born American citizens to accomplish that substantial feat? 

ANSWER:  By leasing  and completing our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program. This is the most practical, responsible, and sensible program available.

We have good reasons for believing that our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Program will provide the best opportunity for our "qualified education clients" to learn how they can take charge of their personal natural healthcare actions. 

We have very good reasons for believing that this is the best opportunity to achieve that objective that has ever occurred in the history of mankind - because this is the first time that anyone has ever put our incredibly important and valuablecopyrighted  natural healthcare concepts into an advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education program.

Lon and Janie are developing our  Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program with that specific objective in mind.  Unfortunately, due to the potential for unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation actions in courts anywhere in the USA, and for several other very important reasons, we must carefully control the distribution of our incredibly important and valuableadvanced healthcare concepts education program - as explained in some detail in our Client Qualifications  department at this Website.  We will not sell this program (at any price); we will only lease this education program to people who our "qualified education clients."

We suggest you visit that department at  this time, if you have not already done so.  Thank you.

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